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Pecorino 'Fiobbo' Aurora 2022
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Pecorino 'Fiobbo' Aurora 2022


Pecorino "Fiobbo" is a white wine from the Marche region, expressive and territorial, soft and fragrant, aged in steel and oak barrels. It is rich in fruity scents, with slight vegetal hues, and has a dynamic, fresh and clean taste




Marche IGT


Pecorino 100%


Alcohol content

14 %


75 cl Bottle


Destemming, crushing, fermentation with indigenous yeasts in steel and, for 30%, in oak barrels for 15-20 days by grafting a pied de cuve obtained from grapes harvested in pre-harvest


10 months in steel tanks and in oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Independent Winegrowners, Organic, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU , Codice Operatore nr. BB10


The Pecorino 'Fiobbo' from the Marche winery Aurora is an intense wine with a rich and expressive aromatic profile, which originates in the Offida area, almost on the border with Abruzzo. This ancient white grape variety, originally from central Italy, was rediscovered thanks to a renewed general interest in all native varieties and immediately demonstrated remarkable qualities. Appreciated when young for its dense fruity notes, it is a white capable of ageing very well, with interesting aromatic evolutions that increase its complexity and depth of flavour.

Fiobbo' Pecorino wine is produced by an interesting estate in the Marche region. Aurora was born from the passion of a group of partners who, in the mid-1970s, decided to start a new adventure. Today, the property covers about thirty hectares, about ten of which are dedicated to vineyards and the rest to olive groves, orchards, arable land and woods. The vineyards are located in a very windy valley, characterised by soils mainly composed of clay and sand. For some years now, work has been carried out following the principles of biodynamics, with the desire to experience viticulture in full harmony with the surrounding nature. The wines are the consequence of this approach and bring the best qualities of excellent grapes and a splendid terroir into the glass.

Aurora's white Pecorino 'Fiobbo' is a harmonious and well-structured wine, particularly suitable for pairing with savoury dishes, first courses, baked fish or delicate white meats. After pressing, the first-pressing must ferments with indigenous yeasts in steel vats and 30% in oak barrels. Before bottling, it matures for 10 months, again in steel and in wood. The wine has a fairly intense golden-yellow colour. The bouquet releases aromas of ripe fruit, plums, hints of tropical fruit, nuances of star anise and herbs. On the palate, it has a good body with a broad, rich and deep bite. The finish is persistent sapidity and vibrant freshness. An essential label for those who want to know the true face of Pecorino di Offida.


Intense straw yellow


Dynamic and rigorous, balanced and fresh, smooth and pleasantly fruity


Fruity, in particular reminiscent of plum jam, with a pleasing hint of anise on the finish