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Prulke Zidarich 2021
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Prulke Zidarich 2021


"Prulke" is a white wine intense and complex from typical Karst grapes. It is vinified in open oak vats with maceration on the skins and matured for 24 months in large barrels. Flowers, citrus and aromatic herbs intertwine in a fresh and complex texture of important sapidity




Venezia Giulia IGT


Sauvignon 60%, Vitovska 20%, Malvasia 20%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


In medium and large barrels of Slavonian and French oak, natural toasted

Filosofia produttiva

Macerated on grape peel, Indigenous yeasts, Orange Wine, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Zidarich's Prulke is the apotheosis of flavours and aromas of the combination of Sauvignon, Vitovska and Malvasia of Friulian, more precisely Karst, signature. A winery that is now known for its interpretation of Vitovska and for its production philosophy aimed at valuing the pure and original characters of the area's typical grape varieties. Prulke is the child of all this, a happy union of grapes that, through the skilful hand of Beniamino Zidarich, express their original traits without danger of misrepresentation.

Zidarich, with its Prulke, sees its story begin between the last week of September and the first decade of October when manual harvesting of the grapes that benefit from the reddish soils of the Karst begins. The work, once in the winery, proceeds with destemming followed by fermentation with indigenous yeasts and maceration on the skins in open vats. In order to increase the extraction of typical grape traits, multiple punching-downs and no temperature control are carried out daily. Afterwards, malolactic fermentation is awaited inside large oak barrels and then maturation in medium and large naturally toasted Slavonian and French oak barrels. Bottling, consistently, is done without any kind of filtration and will last for about two years before release.

Zidarich's Prulke colours the goblet a wonderful golden yellow with coppery hues and a light sheen. The nose is very rich and propelled by notes of tangerine and lavender, creating an eager desire to taste this wine. Cinnamon and peach complete the bouquet. Endowed with eternal drinkability, it impresses with the shrewd freshness coordinated with the forthright savoriness that makes the sip snappy and taut. Prulke is a wine that it would be reductive to tie to single pairings; it surprises because it is multifaceted, that is, capable of being able to hold up to a plurality of flavours and dishes to fill entire menus. A triptych of grape varieties that, as soon as tasted, brings to mind one and only one name: Zidarich.


Intense golden yellow with coppery tints


Fresh and intense, with a remarkable persistence and rewarding, fully confirms the fruity scents


Fruity, spicy notes with beautiful flowers and citrus, lavender and mandarin