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Roma Bianco Poggio Le Volpi 2022
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Roma Bianco Poggio Le Volpi 2022

Poggio Le Volpi

Roma Bianco from the Poggio Le Volpi winery is a white wine from Lazio that captivates with its aromaticity and freshness. Thanks to its sumptuous label, it echoes and celebrates the wealth of Ancient Rome. It is made from Malvasia Puntinata grapes and aged for a few months in steel. The colour is a brilliant straw yellow and the bouquet is overwhelming with notes of exotic fruit, white flowers such as orange blossom and aromas of orange peel. The taste is floral, fruity, fresh and with a long, mineral finish

Not available




Roma DOC


Malvasia Puntinata 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Soft pressing and alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature in steel tanks


A few months in steel tanks

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Poggio Le Volpi's Roma Bianco is the label of memory, the legacy of one of Italy's most historically rich wine regions. Already in ancient times, the hilly area around Rome was completely planted with vines and produced wine for the Urbe. Today the tradition continues with a production of whites, which after a difficult period, is finding its way back to excellence. Some passionate producers have decided to bring the area back to its former glory, especially by using Malvasia Puntinata, the most widespread grape in the area, capable of giving wines with a smooth and aromatically rich profile.

Roma Bianco wine originates in Monteporzio Catone, where the Poggio Le Volpi winery is based. Founded in the 1990s, treasuring a long family tradition in the field of viticulture, it has always been committed to the enhancement of the territory through the cultivation of the area's historic grape varieties. The Malvasia Puntinata vineyards are cultivated in the Colli Romani area, which stretches south of Rome toward Frascati, in an area that has always had a vocation for viticulture thanks to a Mediterranean climate, mitigated by breezes from the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea. Soils of ancient volcanic origin, rich in valuable minerals, are perfect for enhancing the aromatic profiles of white grapes. Once the harvest is complete, the grapes are softly pressed and the flower must ferments in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Before bottling, the wine matures for a few months on the lees in stainless steel tanks to gain more structure and complexity.

Roma Bianco, made by the Lazio winery Poggio Le Volpi, is a sincere interpretation of the territory in the sign of tradition. For its structure and aromatic characteristics, it is a bottle very suitable for gastronomic pairings, both with seafood dishes and with some classics of Roman cuisine such as pasta alla carbonara or pasta alla gricia. To the eye, it has a straw-yellow color with bright greenish reflections. The bouquet is rich and expressive, with scents of white flowers, hints of citrus, aromas of ripe white fruit, soft tropical hints, nuances of fresh almond and herbs. The palate is harmonious and savory, with intense fruity aromas, a well-balanced finish and good flavor persistence, characterized by a pleasant mineral freshness.


Brilliant straw yellow with greenish highlights


Excellent nose-to-mouth correspondence, floral, fruity, fresh and with an extremely mineral finish


Intense and aromatic, it releases aromas of tropical fruits, white flowers and hints of orange peel