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Ronchedone Ca' dei Frati 2021
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Ronchedone Ca' dei Frati 2021

Ca' dei Frati

Ronchedone is a red wine which gives a very rich aromatic range where it alternates notes of red fruits, blueberries and cherry in spirit. On the palate it is full-bodied and intense, clean and sapid, with a nice freshness on the finish




Red grapes


Alcohol content

14 %


75 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Ronchedone by Ca' dei Frati is a red wine produced by this historic winery on Lake Garda, already known since 1782, as evidenced by a document referring to a "house with a cellar called the place of the friars." Great red wines are also obtained in an area highly suited for white grape varieties, of which Ronchedone is a worthy representative. From the earliest moments, the Dal Cero family, walking on these gentle morainic hills in Desenzano del Garda, felt that the soil and microclimate were suitable for producing extraordinary wines. And here is the magic formula explained: terroir, centuries-old tradition, respect for the environment, and passion encapsulated in these wines - fundamental ingredients to give rise to expressions of great personality, just like this Ronchedone.

The red wine Ronchedone is obtained from a blend of red grapes grown on clayey and limestone soils with a component of silt and sand. It stems from a careful harvest, and only the healthiest fruits are brought to the cellar, where vinification is initiated in steel containers. During alcoholic fermentation, skin contact maceration is prolonged to extract all the aromas and substances beneficial to the wine. Malolactic fermentation takes place in barriques before ageing.

Ca' dei Frati Ronchedone presents itself with an intense ruby red colour. The olfactory profile is painted with intense fruity tones such as sour cherry, berries, and jams mixed with spicy and toasty notes of coffee and cocoa, with balsamic hints in the finish. The palate shows a robust, vigorous, clean, and savoury structure, with a beautiful freshness on the finish, typical of the Benaco soil from which the grapes originate. It bids farewell with a finale of great persistence and length, with fruity returns and balsamic whispers. A wine that is hard to forget, deep and intense, broad and rich, reaching straight to the heart. An emotion for the body and the spirit!


Ruby red


Warm, full-bodied, smooth and rich, with intense tannins


Intense fruity aromas of black cherry and wild berries with hints of spice and roasted coffee and cocoa