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Sake Futsushu 'Umakara' Tentaka

Sake Futsushu 'Umakara' Tentaka


Tentaka's Sake Futsushu 'Umakara' has great character. The winery works only with organically grown rice and produces only dry, uncompromising sake. The name Futsushu is used to identify sakes that do not adhere to any specifications, but those are high-quality and highly regarded products still. On the nose there are hints of tropical fruit meeting aromas of grains and dried fruits, the sip is clean but with great roundness. The finish has a striking profile, both umami and bitter at the same time

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Alcohol content

15 %


72 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


Tentaka's 'Umakara' is an enveloping Sake Futsushu full of character that embodies the winery's passion and dedication to producing high quality Nihonshu (Japanese term for sake). With a history rooted in the city of Ohtawara, more precisely in the Tochigi Prefecture, Tentaka Shuzō continues to surprise and delight palates around the world with its production of exceptional sake. The 'Umakara' label evokes a world of flavours and sensations, promising an unforgettable taste experience that is characterised by its umami and uniformity.

Tentaka Shuzō is a winery that has gained a reputation for excellence in the sake world by producing sensational products such as this Futsushu 'Umakara'. Thanks to the mild climate and clear water from Mount Nasu, the region offers ideal conditions for growing rice and thus producing high quality sake. The winery takes a rigorous approach, using only organically grown Gohyakumangoku - Asahiyume rice and following a fermentation process that guarantees the highest quality. This commitment is reflected in 'Umakara', a product that reflects the craftsmanship and dedication of the winery.

Tentaka's Sake Futsushu 'Umakara' is a complex and deeply flavoured "rice wine". On the nose, subtle hints of tropical fruit mingle harmoniously with aromas of cereals and dried fruit. The sip is clean and round, with a liveliness that finishes with an umami and slightly bitter profile. This Nihonshu is ideal to enjoy cold or warm, perfect for an aperitif or to accompany a wide variety of dishes. Winner of two prestigious awards at the International Wine Challenge in 2018, 'Umakara' will surprise and delight even the most discerning palates.




Very dry and sharp, fresh, soft, slightly umami and bitter on the finish


Grapefruit, melon, banana, malt, almond