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Dropstop Callmewine

Dropstop Callmewine

With Callmewine's signature drip saver, you can say goodbye to pesky wine stains on your tablecloth! Practical and effective, to insert into the neck of the bottle, the drip saver is an essential tool for any self-respecting wine lover.




75 cl Bottle


The dropstop, a novel gadget from your personal sommelier wearing Callmewine's iconic red, is a small tool used to prevent wine drops from accidentally falling on the table during service, and to finally say goodbye to those annoying red wine stains that never come off the tablecloth.

It is very practical and easy to use: just roll the foil on itself and insert it into the neck of the bottle, letting it adjust itself to the opening, guaranteeing perfect service. It is also equipped with 'flaps' that do not allow it to slip inside the bottle. Cleaning it is very simple, simply rinse it with warm water, dry it and store it for the next use. An essential accessory for precise, professional and stain-proof service!