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Sidra Monovarietal Jare 'Ausart' Petritegi

Sidra Monovarietal Jare 'Ausart' Petritegi


The Sidra Monovarietal Jare 'Ausart' Petritegi is a cider made from Urtebi Haundi apples, a green, fresh, bold and complex variety that defines this label whose name means 'brave'. It is a cider with a strong aromatic intensity reminiscent of green apples but with not inconsiderable balsamic touches. To be enjoyed with grilled fish




Alcohol content

6 %


75 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


 ‘Ausart’ Sidra Monovarietal Jare is crafted as an artisanal apple cider with a structured and complex character, elaborated in the Basque Country by the family-run estate of Petritegi. It represents a pure expression of Urtebi Haundi variety apples, one of the oldest cultivars in the Basque Country, traditionally used both as a table apple and for cider production. The color of these apples is green, and the taste is characterized by pronounced acidity and the complete absence of bitter flavors. Since 2015, Argoitz Otaño, producer and owner, along with his family, of Petritegi, has initiated limited production of single-variety ciders to highlight the wide range of indigenous apple varieties from the Basque Country.

The Jare ‘Ausart’ Petritegi Sidra Monovarietal is made exclusively from Urtebi Haundi variety apples grown sustainably in the Basque Country under the quality label of the Euskal Sagardoa designation of origin. The fruit is harvested in October from two selected orchards, the first in Alkiza and the second between Askizu and Getaria, followed by pressing and alcoholic fermentation of the juice. The cider is then left to mature on the lees for a certain period, during which it acquires greater complexity and structure, without resorting to racking and filtration and without the addition of sulfites.

The Sidra Monovarietal Jare ‘Ausart’ from the Petritegi winery possesses an intense yellow-green color, slightly cloudy. Vibrant aromas of green apple and balsamic hints of eucalyptus emerge on the nose, anticipating a very fresh taste, excellent structure, and pleasant smoothness, with a subtle effervescence capable of enhancing the recurring sensations of green apple that persist for a long time, contributing to the complexity of this single-variety cider.


Intense greenish yellow


Fresh and soft, with a lingering finish


Green apple and eucalyptus