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Sidro 'Ciderday Night Fever' Fruktstereo

Sidro 'Ciderday Night Fever' Fruktstereo


The Cider 'Ciderday Night Fever' Fruktstereo is a fresh and funky apple cider made in Sweden. It comes from a blend of apples from the producers' orchard and wild apples, which give more richness and structure to the cider. On the nose it expresses citrus and tropical fruit notes, including pineapple and kiwi, while on the palate it is drinkable, citric, with a long finish and supported by a distinct acidity. Drink it as an aperitif to start an evening to music!




Alcohol content

5.5 %


75 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The 'Ciderday Night Fever' cider by Fruktstereo is a fresh and funky beverage that brings the taste of Sweden in every sip. Inspired by cutting-edge producers, Karl Sjöström and Mikael Nypelius, along with their fantastic team in Malmö, started gathering apples, pears, grapes, and any other fermentable fruits, aiming to create authentic and sustainable drinks and revolutionize the concept of wine and cider in the Nordic region. In 2016, with an initial production of only 3000 bottles at the Hällåkra estate, they began a journey that has now led them to produce over 50,000 bottles annually, with their own orchard in Haväng, Österlen, near the Baltic Sea.

This 'Ciderday' cider by Fruktstereo is made with Ingrid Marie and Aroma apples from orchards managed without pesticides or herbicides by Magnus “Fäviken” Nilsson at Axelstorp and from century-old apple trees in Haväng. In the production process, part of the juice undergoes skin maceration and a period of aging in amphorae to impart depth to the aromatic profile. 'Ciderday Night Fever' celebrates the authenticity of the territory and the passion of its producers for the production of superior quality cider.

'Ciderday Night Fever' is a traditional cider with a rich and oxidative character, but with a higher acidity typical of Nordic ciders. This cuvée, based on fruit apples from local orchards and wild apples, stands out for its complex structure and aromatic length. With its citrus and tropical fruit notes, including pineapple and kiwi, this cider captivates the nose and prepares the palate for an adventure of intense and intoxicating flavors. The label of 'Ciderday Night Fever' not only evokes the energy and excitement of a dancing night but also reflects the attention to quality and authenticity that characterize Fruktstereo's production, promising a unique and enveloping experience.


Cloudy golden yellow


Fresh, drinkable, citric and with nice acidity


Notes of citrus and tropical fruit, including pineapple and kiwi