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Sidro 'Divona' Domaine Johanna Cécillon 2022

Sidro 'Divona' Domaine Johanna Cécillon 2022

Johanna Cécillon

Domaine Johanna Cécillon's 'Divona' Cider is a soft, deep apple cider that owes its roundness to a brief passage in wood, which gives it delicate notes of caramel and vanilla. Bubbly, genuine and incredibly versatile, it can be drunk throughout a meal, but it stands out as an accompaniment to informal aperitifs and white meat dishes

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Alcohol content

6 %


75 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Apples of different varieties


First fermentation in steel, followed by a short passage on the yeasts in barrique and a second fermentation in the bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Biodynamic, Organic, Natural


Divona' cider from the Breton production company Domaine Johanna Cécillon is an artisanal apple fermented cider characterised by its remarkable depth of expression. Divona is the Celtic goddess of springs and rivers, chosen as the appellation for this bottle in order to emphasise the link between the Domaine and the ancient Celtic culture, where cider was of great importance. Indeed, the Celtic people widely consumed cider on festive occasions, also attributing a spiritual value to the drink.
Domaine Johanna Cécillon 'Divona' cider is made from different varieties of apples cultivated in the valley floor on deep clay soils. The agronomic management follows the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture, thus excluding the use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals. The apples are harvested by hand between October and November and are then stored for a short period in order to reach optimal ripeness. The first alcoholic fermentation takes place in steel tanks and after a period of maturation in oak barrels on the fine lees, the second spontaneous fermentation in the bottle takes place, so as to preserve a natural effervescence. The cider is finally bottled in April without being disgorged and without undergoing any pasteurisation, gasification or sulphurisation processes.
The colour of 'Divona' Cider Domaine Johanna Cécillon is golden yellow with brilliant reflections. On the nose, dominant scents of citrus and ripe fruit emerge, accompanied by pleasant perceptions of caramel and vanilla due to the passage in wood. The taste, soft and savoury, shows sweet sensations consistent with the nose, well balanced by a good freshness even more enhanced by the subtle and elegant effervescence.


Golden yellow with bright highlights


Smooth palate supported by a fine and elegant perlage, characterized by notes of caramel and vanilla given by the short passage in wood and counterbalanced by good acidity


Predominant notes of citrus accompanied by a deep hint of caramel