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Succo di Mela 'Alte Sorten' Abbazia di Novacella - 75cl

Succo di Mela 'Alte Sorten' Abbazia di Novacella - 75cl

Abbazia di Novacella

The "Alte Sorten" Apple Juice is the result of a selection of apples from the historic garden of the Novacella Abbey. The apples are hand-picked and immediately processed to preserve the fresh fragrance and aromas of the fruit. Fresh, regenerating and juicy, it seems to bite into a freshly picked apple with its fresh and crunchy aromas





75 cl Bottle


"Alte Sorten" Apple Juice, produced by Novacella Abbey, is a true specialty that is absolutely worth trying. It is a label that allows you to rediscover the old taste of a genuine juice, still made with the same artisanal methods and the same passion for good things as in the best farming tradition. It is the fruit juice of memory, created to preserve and value the fruits of ancient varieties, which represent a precious heritage of biodiversity and history of the Eisack Valley. Before intensive apple cultivation became established, with a selection of a few varieties that were more commercially attractive to consumers, there were old apple orchards in South Tyrol with different plants, each capable of producing fruit with an absolutely unique and special appearance and taste.

"Alte Sorten" is an Apple Juice made from apples of ancient varieties from the historic garden of the Novacella Abbey, a veritable treasure chest of time, which has preserved intact the ancient biodiversity of the Eisack Valley. The apples are grown in the Varna area, at an elevation of about 650 meters above sea level. The morainic matrix soils, composed of pebbles, gravels and sands, and the cool climate, characterized by large temperature fluctuations, have been an ideal habitat for fruit plants for many centuries. The Abbey's apple orchard mainly grows trees of the Gravensteiner, Steinpepping, Nela, Grauling, Gelber, Richard, Renette and other ancient varieties found in a few specimens. The apples are picked and processed immediately so that all the scents and aromas are preserved intact.

"Alte Sorten" Apple Juice is the icon of an agriculture that risked disappearing forever. Thanks to its love for the Eisack Valley area and its oldest customs, the Novacella Abbey has managed to save old apple trees of varieties no longer grown from extinction. The isolation of the valley and a management of the Abbey's lands, based not only on market logic, have made it possible to preserve the old local varieties and reintroduce their authenticity in a uniquely fascinating juice. It is deep yellow in color, dense and slightly cloudy. The aromas are reminiscent of freshly cut fragrant apple, with light floral overtones and delicate vegetable hints. The taste is rich and complex, with persistent aromas and a finish marked by great freshness.


Pale golden yellow and slightly opaque


Energizing, fresh, sweet and fragrant


Notes of apple pulp and fresh mountain flower aromas