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Vin Jaune Didier Grappe 2012 - 62cl

Vin Jaune Didier Grappe 2012 - 62cl

Didier Grappe

Didier Grappe's Vin Jaune is a white wine, a pure expression of the Jura region. After a spontaneous whole cluster fermentation of Savagnin grapes, this wine matures for a good 75 months in barrels under a protective layer of yeast, resulting in something spectacular, harmonious, complex and elegant: a Vin Jaune with the flavour of nuts, citrus fruits and honey to be enjoyed with smoked fish or at the end of a meal, as a meditation wine 




Cotes du Jura AOC


Savagnin 100%


Alcohol content

12 %


62 cl Bottle


Spontaneous whole cluster fermentation


75 months in barrels under a natural protective layer of yeast ('flor')

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, No added sulfites or minimum, Organic, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


Through its deep and articulate nature, the Vin Jaune by vigneron Didier Grappe faithfully presents the qualities of one of the most iconic wines of the Jura region. Vin Jaune, literally "yellow wine," is indeed one of the oenological specialties of the region, produced through a long aging process of Savagnin wine in topped-up barrels under a veil of flor yeast. The traditional 62 cl bottle, called Clavelin, represents the volume of residual liquid from one liter of initial wine, with the remaining part lost to evaporation. Didier interprets this prestigious AOC with his precise and artisanal style, which is highly characteristic.

Didier Grappe's Vin Jaune is derived solely from Savagnin grapes grown in accordance with the rules set out in the certified organic farming regulations on clay and limestone-rich soils. Harvesting is done by hand in late season, and the grapes are then transferred to the cellar for gentle whole-cluster pressing and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation of the must. The wine then ages for a remarkable 75 months in partially topped-up wooden barrels under the veil of flor yeast, which on one hand protect it from uncontrolled oxidative phenomena and on the other develop characteristic aromas. The final bottling is done without any filtration or clarification and without the addition of sulfites.

Didier Grappe's Vin Jaune colors the glass with its amber-yellow hue with golden reflections. The olfactory range is intoxicating with its intense and complex aromas of citrus zest, candied yellow fruits, acacia honey, nuts, almonds, wax, oriental spices, mushrooms, and damp earth. The taste is broad and elegant, fresh and very deep, with an endless salty persistence accompanied by fungal, spicy, and candied fruit sensations consistent with the aroma.


Amber yellow with golden hues


Fine, complex and with a long finish


Walnuts, almonds, lemon, yellow candied fruit, acacia honey and moist soil