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Whisky Rye Malt Kyro Distillery - 50cl

Whisky Rye Malt Kyro Distillery - 50cl

Kyro Distillery

The Whisky Rye Malt from Kyro Distillery is the first Finnish whisky produced in single batch with 100 percent local rye, which gives it incredible intensity and an incredible spicy character. Following the double distillation comes an aging process in new American white oak barrels. After long cold winters and bright Finnish summers, this whiskey with hints of bread, berries and caramel is ready to be served in mixology or to drink neat




Alcohol content

47.2 %


50 cl Bottle


Aging in barrels of American white oak

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Rye Whisky by Kyro Malt Distillery is the business card of this Finnish distillery, the result of a dream and a project born in a sauna. In fact, the idea of making spirits from rye, one of the most important grains in the Finnish diet, was born in 2014 during a sauna from the inspiration of five friends. The group had no idea how to make whisky the 'right' way, so they decided to follow their instincts. This gave rise to the first Rye Whisky, a distilled spirit of great originality and finesse that encapsulates the full quality potential of Finnish Rye. Moreover, it is the first Rye Whisky Single Batch from Finland.
Kyro Malt Distillery Rye Whisky is made exclusively from rye grown in Finland. After the malting stage, whereby the rye grains are soaked in water to promote sprouting and thus the breakdown of starch into simple sugars, the mixture is steeped in hot water and then undergoes alcoholic fermentation with the help of yeasts. The mass then undergoes a double distillation in Pot Still stills and the distillate is then placed to age in new American white oak casks over dark winters and bright summers.
This is how Rye Whisky Kyro Malt Distillery was born, a whisky with a brilliant amber colour that offers hints of caramel, dried fruit and rye bread on the nose combined with perceptions of honey and berries. The taste is smooth and aromatic, with pleasant earthy and herbaceous sensations. This is a very versatile Rye Whisky, which can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in delicious cocktails.


Bright amber


Aromatic, soft, earthy, herbaceous


Hints of caramel, dried fruit and rye bread notes of honey and berries