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Apulian sun and Adriatic salt: an amaretto that goes beyond tradition
Region Puglia (Italia)
Address Putignano 70017 (BA)

Adriatico is an innovative brand from the Apulia region, which produces top-quality Amaretti liqueurs made only from natural, strictly Italian ingredients. The creator of this interesting reality is Jean-Robert Bellanger, who discovered and fell in love with Amaretto thanks to the tiramisu, prepared by his Italian mother, with a few drops of this aromatic liqueur. Amaretto Adriatico was born from the desire to create a label of absolute excellence, using only the highest quality raw materials. The entire production process begins with the selection of the best Apulian almonds of the Filippo Cea variety, which has always been famous for its intense and persistent flavour, making it particularly sought after for the preparation of classic Apulian almond-based desserts.

The bottle, with its refined retro style, was specially designed and has a symbolic value, perfectly consistent with the liqueur and the place of production. The shape, characterised by a geometric octagonal facet, recalls the architectural forms of the manor of Castel del Monte, built in the heart of the Murge by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II during the 13th century. The proportions of the bottle were determined using the principles of the golden ratio to create perfect harmony. The company logo, which adorns the label with its golden frieze, contains two highly symbolic elements: the rays of the sun, which flood the generous Apulian land with light, and the stylised design of the trulli, which are the oldest and most typical buildings in the landscape of the region's characteristic agricultural villages. These two elements are incorporated in a shape that resembles an almond, the territory's precious treasure.

Amaretto Adriatico stands out in the world of bitters for its strong territorial typicality. It is a liqueur that perfectly expresses the best characteristics of Apulia and one of its most important typical products: the almond. Natural and genuine, it is a liqueur still made with artisanal care and passion, focusing above all on quality without compromise. It can be enjoyed after dinner or as an original aperitif. Thanks to its characteristic and unique aroma, it is much appreciated by barmen, who use it for the preparation of innovative cocktails. In addition to the classic version, Adriatico also offers Amaretto liqueur with almond milk, which is softer, creamier and less alcoholic.

The Amaretto of Adriatico