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Amaretto Bianco 'Latte di Mandorle' Adriatico

Amaretto Bianco 'Latte di Mandorle' Adriatico


Amaretto Bianco Adriatico is a creamy and sweet Italian liqueur made with almond milk. Soft, fluffy, sweet and clean, it is wrapped in notes of toasted almonds and hints of sweet spices. To be served as an after-meal with ice cube or to be used as an ingredient to create new eccentric cocktails




Schiava 100%

Alcohol content

16 %


70 cl Bottle


Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in steel vats, with maceration on the skins


2 months in oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Vegan Friendly


The "Latte di Mandorle" White Amaretto by Adriatico is a liqueur that originates from the desire to highlight the characteristics of Apulian almonds in their various expressions. It is an label inspired by the Irish tradition of Irish coffee, made with Whiskey and coffee cream. The Apulian version, on the other hand, uses a liqueur made with toasted almonds and almond milk. It is a bottle with a typically territorial flavor, offering a particularly pleasant liqueur to drink due to its intense and enveloping taste and its very persistent almond aromas. A true specialty that directly speaks to us of the best excellence of the land of Puglia.

The "Latte di Mandorle" White Amaretto liqueur by Adriatico is made with a special love for typical local products. The two main ingredients are, in fact, the Filippo Cea cultivar almond, famous for its extraordinary aromatic richness, and almond milk, a pure and genuine plant milk obtained from the infusion of chopped almonds in water. The almonds are hand-picked and then subjected to a roasting process that lasts for several hours. They are then macerated to extract all the scents and flavors. The infusion is carefully distilled to obtain a liqueur of great purity and richness. The distillate is flavored by adding almond milk, which significantly reduces the alcohol content and makes the liqueur particularly pleasant and satisfying.

The "Latte di Mandorle" White Amaretto by Adriatico is a creamy liqueur. It is particularly suitable for sipping neat to fully appreciate its natural aroma of fresh almond. It can also be used in the preparation of original cocktails and long drinks inspired by the warm and sunny aromatic suggestions of the Mediterranean. It has a white, pure, and luminous color. On the nose, it seduces with an intense aroma of fresh almond, harmonies of dried fruit, hints of spun sugar, and slightly toasted memories. The taste is suave, soft, and harmonious. The finish expresses a great taste balance, with an elegant closure on confected notes of sweet almond.




Creamy, soft, velvety and pleasantly sweet


Sweet and fresh notes of toasted almond and vanilla