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Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle

From the purity of the high peaks, the great whites of the Aosta Valley
Region Valle d'Aosta (Italia)
Foundation Year 1983
Vineyard hectares 18
Annual production 140.000 bt
Address Cave du Vin Balnc De Morgex E La Salle, Str. des iles, 19 - 11017 Morgex (AO)
Oenologist Gianluca Telloli

Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle is located in the Aosta Valley, at the foot of the summit of Mont Blanc. Together with the St. Jodern Winery in Visperterminen in the Canton of Valais, it guards the highest vineyards in Europe, rising to an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. In the past, wine production was entrusted to local vignerons, who managed small estates or individual plots. Thanks to the efforts of Morgex parish priest Don Bougeat, the area's winemakers joined forces, forming the Association de Vioulteurs from which the Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle, later named Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle, was born in 1983. Today the winery has 80 members and total production reaches 140,000 bottles per year.

The vineyards of Morgex and La Salle are planted with a grape variety native to the area, which has proven capable of surviving the difficult climatic conditions of the altitude. Prié Blanc has a very short growing cycle. It germinates late, limiting the risk of spring frosts, and ripens early, avoiding the risk of early snowfall. The vines are grown between 900 and 1100 meters on stony soils, managed with terracing and dry stone walls. This is heroic viticulture, with manual tilling of the entire vineyard, low yields and high management costs. Only the tenacity and passion of winemakers accustomed to the harsh mountain life could transform this hostile environment into a green vine garden.

La Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle wines are children of this terroir and perfectly represent its truest and most authentic face. The vines were wrested from the mountain with patient, centuries-old labor and bear witness to man's commitment and his fusion with the natural environment. These are whites that express the most typical character of mountain wines. The cold climate, but very sunny in summer, is characterized by considerable temperature ranges between day and night temperatures, which favor the development of very intense scents and aromas of extraordinary expressive finesse. Because of its delicate profile, Prié Blanc has also proved to be very suitable for sparkling wine making with the Classic Method, and La Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle produces some of the most interesting sparkling wines from indigenous grapes in Italian production.

Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle's wines