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From success at the House of Savoy to recent new blood: the story of Chazalettes' signature Turin Vermouth
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1876
Address Chazalettes Vermouth, Str. Monferrato, 8 - 14023 Tuffo (AT)
Oenologist Paolo Bava, Giulio Bava

In the Piedmontese capital of Turin, one of Italy's major cultural hubs, stands the Chazalettes production company, maker of fine Vermouths that respect the noble tradition of the place. It was Clement Chazalettes who founded the estate in 1876 after leaving Savoy and moving to Turin sixteen years earlier. In the years that followed Chazalettes made a name for itself throughout the world with its vermouths, bitters and liqueurs, which were also particularly appreciated by the House of Savoy. In fact, in 1907 Margaret of Savoy granted Chazalettes a royal patent and the use of the coat of arms of the Royal House. Instead, the estate's second life began in 2016, when Giovanni Chazalettes, great-grandson of the historic founder, resumed the tradition using the family's precious recipe book and rich archives. Chazalettes is one of the founding houses of the Vermouth Institute of Turin, having the goal of safeguarding the quality and identity of this historic flavored wine that was recognized as a geographical indication in 2017.
Chazalettes vermouths are made from high-quality white and red wines following the ancient recipe of Clement Chazalettes. These bases are flavored with numerous botanicals such as artemisia, citrus, marjoram, gentian, savory, ambrette, cardamom, rhubarb, and coriander, some of Piedmont origin and others from different territories.

The main vermouths offered by the Chazalettes production reality are 3: Vermouth di Torino Rosso 'Della Regina', Vermouth di Torino Bianco 'Della Regina' and Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry. The first two are dedicated to Queen Margaret of Savoy, who granted Chazalettes the royal patent, while the third recalls the original recipe of founder Clement Chazalettes. However, all are united by a fascinating historical dimension that can evoke the ancient flavor of Vermouth di Torino