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Vini frizzanti fatti come una volta, dal gusto autentico e spontaneo
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 2006
Vineyard hectares 7
Annual production 45.000 bt
Address CostadiLà, Via S. Lorenzo, 111 - 31029 San Lorenzo (TV)

The winery is located in Costadilà Tarzo, in the province of Treviso, in the small hamlet of Costa beyond, where they live no more than fifty souls. So we are in the heart of Treviso, in the historic area of production of Prosecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. Company owners are Mauro Lorenzon and Ernesto Cattel; the first is the son of tour operators, who since 1960 operated a & restaurant, a hotel and a supermarket in Jesolo. The December 8, 1982 Mauro Lorenzon, a professional sommelier, opens in Jesolo the first "Enoteca with pouring" in Italian. In 2006, along with Ernesto Cattel gives birth to the project "Costadilà farm" with the precise aim of creating a company that knows how to combine the traditional farming techniques with the latest dictates of organic farming to create a wine that has the flavor of a time . Thus a Prosecco "sur lie", or fermented in the bottle on its funds, and with indigenous yeasts and without sulfur, blend of Prosecco with Bianchetta and Vardiso, which now produces 30,000 bottles a year. The company owns a vineyard of 7 hectares, facing South-East, located on a ground limestone and clay very favorable to the cultivation of Glera, which surround other small plots of land, in which they cultivate fruit trees and olive trees, and a vegetable garden dedicated to medicinal herbs; Moreover, the company also produces and sells meat and cheeses. Mauro Lorenzon recommends three different ways to serve his Prosecco "280 slm", depending on what the tasters like it or not the presence of the fund in its own glass. In the first mode, for those who just loves the "clear, clear" decant slowly to avoid that the fund reaches into the decanter; second way: if you love each other and clear the murky, you will have to serve very gently the first and second serve just when it starts to get off the bottom; third way: if friends like the strong taste of the clear mixed with turbid, invert the bottle and shake until well chilled mix completely liquid and murky. A wine cellar and an absolutely interesting.