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De Quarto

The artisanal tradition of great Apulian wines
Region Puglia (Italia)
Address Via Estramurale, 374 - 74020 - Leporano (TA)

De Quarto is a family-owned winery that, for three generations, has cultivated vineyards and produced wines in Puglia, in the Lizzano area. The estate results from experience gained and passed down with passion, with the sole objective of enhancing a territory dedicated to viticulture for centuries. While Puglia was once known primarily for its abundant production of blended, concentrated, and alcoholic red wines, often exported to France or northern regions, in recent decades, the region's landscape has undergone a profound transformation in favour of quality. A radical change in vineyard management, focusing on low yields, and increased attention to winemaking and ageing processes have allowed the estate to achieve absolute excellence.

Currently managed by Antonio De Quarto, who personally oversees the 20 hectares of property cultivation, the vineyards are located near Lizzano, south of Taranto, along the Ionian Sea coastline. In this land, vines have thrived since the Magna Graecia era thanks to a typically Mediterranean climate—warm and sunny, moderated by the constant presence of sea breezes, ensuring excellent ventilation. The predominantly calcareous soils, covered with reddish-coloured earth, are particularly suitable for red grape varieties. The vines are planted with high density and trained using the ancient bush training system, which is well-suited for arid areas, concentrating limited nighttime humidity towards the plant roots.

Following local traditions, the cultivated grape varieties have been chosen from those resiliently present in these lands: Primitivo and Negroamaro for red berries and Fiano for white berries. Harvesting occurs at full grape ripeness, with a manual collection of the best-selected clusters directly in the vineyard. The estate practices sustainable agriculture, respecting the natural balance of the environmental ecosystem. Wines are crafted solely from grapes sourced from owned vineyards, employing simple winemaking techniques with minimal oenological intervention to preserve the grapes' excellent quality and varietal character. The wine range faithfully reflects the traditions of Puglia.