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Dr. Fischer

Freshness and minerality : the dream of the great Riesling on the Saar banks
Region Mosella (Germania)
Foundation Year 1910
Vineyard hectares 6
Address Kirchestrasse, 19 - 54441 Kanzem (Treviri-Saarburg) Germania

The Dr. Fischer project originates from the passion of Martin Foradori Hoffstätter, owner of the South Tyrolean estate J. Hoffstätter, for German Riesling, a passion that led the producer to embark on an ambitious adventure on the banks of the Saar River, shaping himself as the first Italian to invest in the area viticulturally. Here, precisely in the small village of Ockfen, Weingut Dr. Fischer was founded in 1910, while 2014 saw the purchase by Martin Foradori Hoffstätter, the family's fourth generation winemaker. In managing Weingut Dr. Fischer Martin collaborates with local winemaker Nik Weis of the Weingut St. Urbans-Hof winery. In 2022 the estate also acquired vineyards in Rheinessen, along the Rhine River, an area where the presence of viticulture dates back to the time of Ancient Rome.

The vineyards of Weingut Dr. Fischer - Hoffstätter are devoted predominantly to Rhine Riesling, flanked by smaller percentages of Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer, varieties strongly linked to the South Tyrolean winemaking tradition. The vines rest on clay and limestone soils, rich in gray slate, characterized by steep slopes and excellent south and southwest exposures. Prominent among the subzones cultivated by the estate is Bockstein, considered one of the most vocated in the entire area. Harvesting is done by hand and is followed by a short pre-fermentation maceration of the grapes, which are then vinified in white by soft pressing and alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature. Both the fermentation process and the subsequent maturation phase take place in stainless steel tanks, so that the varietal aromas and freshness of the wines are preserved intact.

The wines of the Dr. Fischer - Hoffstätter winery express a solid and tense verticality, a direct consequence of their distinct freshness and pronounced, almost rocky mineral vein. In particular, the focus of the estate is on Riesling, a noble German wine that is among the longest-lived in the world. In addition, initiatives undertaken by Martin and Nik include 'Steinbock Zeroes,' dealcoholic wines that do not give up the fine character of German Rieslings.