The vocation of a land, the Franciacorta, and the kindness of the family business

Ferghettina winery was founded in 1991 by Roberto Gatti, after working for many years in another winery. In 2002 he decided to move the company headquarters and the entire wine production in the town of Adro. Since then, the qualitative and quantitative growth of Ferghettina becomes unstoppable, thanks to the preparation of Roberto and his children Laura and Matteo, who help him in the cellar and in the vineyard. The love for the vineyards and the daily commitment in the basement are the rule for Roberto, Laura and Matteo, who are now a point of reference for the production of Franciacorta. The range of wines has increased over the years, and today is remarkable for its richness: selections from the year of vintage wines simple, we find stylistic uniformity of the highest level, which stand out fragrance, depth and finesse. The production of Franciacorta has become the apex of a pyramid where each wine expresses a precise and different expressions of the territory from which it comes.


Main Wines
Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Uve di proprietà
Year production
450.000 bt
Roberto Gatti
Via Saline, 11 - 25030 Adro (BS)
The Franciacorta by Ferghettina