Quality sparkling wines from the heart of Francicorta

The Ferghettina winery is one of the leading producers in the Franciacorta region, and was established in 1991 by Roberto Gatti, after several years of experience. In 2002 he decided to relocate the headquarters of the winery and the entire wine production to the town of Adro. From that moment on, the qualitative and quantitative growth of Ferghettina became unstoppable, thanks to the excellent training of both Roberto and his children Laura and Matteo, who help him in the winery and in the vineyard.

The vineyards of the Ferghettina winery are scattered throughout the heart of the Franciacorta denomination. The love for their vineyards and the daily dedication in the cellar are the standard for Roberto and Laura, who are now a point of reference for the production of Franciacorta and beyond. From the rolling hills of Franciacorta, Ferghettina wine is created and matured, representing both high quality and reliability.

The range of Ferghettina wines has increased over the years, and today is remarkable for its wide variety: from vintage selections to simpler wines, there is a stylistic consistency of great calibre, in which fragrance, depth and elegance stand out. The production of Franciacorta has now reached the highest levels, where each individual bottle expresses a precise personality, conveying the different aspects of the terroir from which it originates. The choice, for some wines, of a transparent bottle with a heavy square bottom is also very curious, very special and fascinating, and resulted from an experiment to maximise the benefits of re-fermentation in the bottle.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Winery-owned grapes
Annual production
500.000 bt
Roberto Gatti
Via Saline, 11 - 25030 Adro (BS)
The Franciacorta wines of Ferghettina