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Mouzon Leroux

The centuries-old heritage is expressed today in the extreme originality of these biodynamic Champagnes
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Foundation Year 1776
Vineyard hectares 7.5
Annual production 60.000 bt
Address Mouzon leroux, 16 Rue Basse des Carrières, 51380 Verzy (Francia)

Domaine Mouzon Leroux et Fils represents an artisanal reality rooted for centuries in the Champagne region and handed down from father to son since 1776. Management is now in the hands of young Sébastien, a concrete advocate of biodynamics, thought to be the highest expression of the vineyard.

The Mouzon Leroux estate is concentrated within the Grande Montagne de Reims region, the hilly ridge south of the big city, which stretches out to draw an arc overlooking the course of the Vesle River. An area of about 8 hectares stretches over 60 different parcels in the Grand Cru village of Verzy, while an additional 2 hectares are divided between the other contiguous urban centers-Verzenay, the other Grand Cru, and the two Premier crus Ludes and Villers-Marmery, which effectively mark the northern and southern limits of the property. The soils are characterized by chalk formations dating to the Lower Campanian era, between 83 and 70 million years ago, over which sandy marls, clays and rocks of calcareous composition have been piled up. All the varieties allowed by the disciplinary take root on these soils: 60 percent Pinot Noir and 35 percent Chardonnay, while Meunier comes in at a balance of 5 percent along with the historic and now forgotten Arbane, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Petit Meslier. Exposures tend to look north and northeast, and great attention is paid to the development of biodiversity in the vineyard: more than 700 trees and shrubs have been planted in the various plots, while chickens and sheep are allowed to graze in the winter months between the rows. Attention to the environment culminates in 2008 with the recognition of Demeter biodynamic certification.

Mouzon Leroux pursues winemaking aimed at avoiding invasive manipulations and in line with the philosophy focused on paying attention to the natural environment adopted in the field: alcoholic fermentations are conducted by indigenous yeasts and, likewise, malo-lactic fermentations are carried out spontaneously. The use of sulfites is reduced to the bare minimum, averaging around 15 milligrams per liter, when not totally avoided, and no filtrations or clarifications are carried out. The base wines evolve on fine lees in oak barrels for 7-24 months, while resting on the lees in the bottle extends for at least 36 months and up to 60. The cuvées made are varied, from single-vineyard vintages to blends of grapes and vintages, and also include a surprising Ratafià, a traditional fortified wine made from Pinot Noir. All labels are crafted with deep respect for the terroir of origin