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Palazzo Tronconi

Artisanal wines to rediscover the native varieties of Arce
Region Lazio (Italia)
Foundation Year 1924
Vineyard hectares 14.2
Annual production 30.000 bt
Address Localitá Tramonti 83 - 03032 - Arce (FR)

Palazzo Tronconi is an interesting reality located in Tramonti di Arce, in the province of Frosinone. It is a multifunctional project, which in addition to an agricultural estate with an attached winery for winemaking, includes a receptive structure for wine tourism. For those who want to stop and taste the wines and enjoy a few days of relaxation among the vineyards, there is a beautiful B&B. The rooms have been created in the spaces of Palazzo Tronconi, a historic mansion that dates back to the 18th century. The agritourism, on the other hand, is located inside the winery and was created with the aim of making all the typical products of the estate known and valued. The kitchen offers traditional dishes and the authentic flavors of Ciociaria cuisine, made with zero-mile ingredients.

The estate is managed with the utmost respect for nature, so as to generate minimal environmental impact. The vineyards are conducted according to the principles of certified organic and biodynamic agriculture, with adherence to the Demeter protocol. No herbicides, bug fertilizers are used, and only small amounts of sulfur and copper or natural biodynamic preparations, such as hornwort and herbal teas, are used for treatments against vine diseases. The choice of biodynamics represents a true philosophy of life, an approach to agriculture that sees human activity within a larger, universal context. Every practice adopted is aimed at preserving and regenerating the fertility of the earth with the goal of leading plants to find a natural vegetative and productive balance and to increase their capacity for resilience and adaptation to the environment.

The choice of grape varieties has favored varieties that have always been present in the Arce area. In particular, indigenous grapes that are often forgotten today are grown, such as Lecinaro and black Ulivello, Pampanaro, Capolongo and white Maturano, in addition to the more common Malvasia Puntinata, Moscato di Terracina and the international Syrah, which has adapted very well to the terroir. Thanks to careful vineyard management, the grapes arrive at harvest healthy and genuine, ready to be vinified according to a very simple protocol, so as to preserve their varietal characters and personality. Fermentations take place spontaneously using only indigenous yeasts, in concrete tanks, terracotta containers or oak or acacia barrels, depending on the cuvée. Bottling takes place according to the phases of the moon.