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Proud Primary Produce

The project in which passion for the natural environment beats in viticulture
Region Victoria (Australia)
Address 650 Old Healesville Rd, Healesville VIC 3777, Australia

Proud Primary Produce is a young Australian company based in the magnificent Yarra Valley region. Stuart, after training in viticulture and some work experience on estates in Margaret River and McLaren Vale, decided to start his own project. His approach is that of a true vigneron, with a constant presence in the countryside and wine production that has retained a true artisanal character. According to his idea, a good wine must reflect the place where it is born and the characteristics of the vintage. This explains Stuart's focus on making labels that are authentic and straightforward, with no winemaking mediation.

The Yarra Valley is located east of Melbourne and is one of Australia's most important wine regions. Vines have lived here for a long time, thanks to very favourable soil and climate conditions. The area occupies the southern part of the Australian continent and is crossed by the river, bordered by high hills, which reach up to 500 metres above sea level. The exposures are well sunny and very windy, thanks to the proximity of the ocean. The temperature fluctuations between hot days and cold nights are remarkable and give grapes rich in aromas and flavours. The first vineyards were planted in the mid-nineteenth century and viticulture gradually developed until the arrival of phylloxera, which also heavily devastated the crops in Australia, but did not completely destroy them. The soils are composed of red sands and clays, are very well drained and not very fertile, ideal for producing quality wines with low vineyard yields.

The philosophy of the Proud Primary Produce winery puts terroir and vineyard work at the centre of the project. The agronomic management of the estate has always been Proud's first concern. In its daily work between the rows, it has always followed sustainable principles to preserve the natural health and fertility of the soil, favouring biodiversity and renouncing the use of chemical preparations. In 2010, the production of a Syrah or Shiraz, as Australians use to say, began, which immediately showed promise. In the following years, winemaking has taken off, always carried out with the sole intention of emphasising the quality of the grapes, thanks to minimal interventions in the cellar. All wines are a direct reflection of the soil they come from. The range of labels is particularly appreciated by enthusiasts in search of authentic flavours, far removed from international standardisation.

The wines by Proud Primary Produce