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The first scotch whisky brand outside Great Britain
Region Lazio (Italia)
Foundation Year 1968

Since its founding in 1968, the Italian brand Samaroli has constantly focused on the search for the highest quality, without compromise. Behind the birth of this production reality is Silvano Samaroli, a Bolognese born in 1939 and a strong admirer of the world of Scotch whiskies. In 1960 he approached this vast world and after 8 years founded Samaroli Srl Wine and Spirits Merchants in Rome. At a time when the Italian market saw the almost exclusive importation of Blended whiskies, Silvano began to address himself decisively to the fine Scottish Single Malts, selecting and bottling them under the Samaroli brand. This was one of the first independent whisky bottlers and the first non-Scottish and non-English scotch whisky brand. In the following decades Samaroli became a reference point for whisky in Italy and also abroad, reaching important markets such as Japan and the United States and expanding its portfolio also with the world of rum.
The Italian company Samaroli collaborates with some of the most important distilleries in Scotland and the Caribbean, where scotch whisky and rum of the highest quality are processed, respectively. The whisky, often Single Malt but sometimes also Blended, is handcrafted from pure Scottish barley malt, fermented, distilled and then aged for a long period in casks. Distilleries are located in Scotland's five historic whiskey-producing regions: Campbeltown, Highlands, Islay, Lowlands and Speyside. In turn, the rums are chosen according to the quality of the cane sugar and the distillery's craft process, selecting from time to time the best batches from Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti and many other countries renowned for rum production. These distillates are then aged and then bottled in Scotland, where the climate is ideal for the proper evolution of rum.
When one tastes a Samaroli distillate for the first time, one understands the meticulous selection and expert work behind it, all to deliver whiskeys and rums of the highest quality, made through techniques linked to tradition. Also important for this reality is the choice of the glass, which must be specific to the distillate so as to enhance its aromas and character.