From an ancient monastery, a winery whose wines reflect the unique terroir of the Murge region

The Torrevento winery covers a vast area within the Castel del Monte area, in the most untamed part of the north-western Murgia, and has significant numbers in terms of size, bottles produced and quality. The heart of the winery is the former eighteenth-century Benedictine monastery in the Torre del Vento district, purchased by the Liantonio family in 1948 and converted into a winery, home to rural and traditional wine production.

The Torrevento winery manages 500 hectares of vineyards in which only native vines are grown: the Troia grape above all, but also Bombino nero and bianco, Moscato Reale, Pampanuto and Aglianico. The spurred cordon or guyot-trained vines are partly cultivated organically and benefit from phytosanitary defence using integrated control systems: artificial intelligence processes microclimatic data and makes it possible to prevent diseases such as downy and powdery mildew. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with favourable conditions for wine-growing, such as wide temperature ranges and constant ventilation, while the soil, wild and rocky as in the whole Murge plateau, has a medium-textured limestone-clay consistency.

In the Torrevento winery, dug into the rock of the monastery, the work done in the vineyard is respected, and excessively long maceration and excessive use of wood is avoided. The wine rests in 56 glass-cement tanks and then in wooden containers of various sizes. The result is wines that are fresh and refined but also full-bodied, very pleasant and fruity.

One of the most active producers, committed to promoting the nectar denominations of Bacchus and Castel del Monte, and a pioneer in the certification of company processes for food safety and ethical responsibility, Torrevento is a piece of history in the renaissance of Apulian wine. A masterpiece that is still able to amaze and innovate, and to produce wines that combine large numbers and high quality.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
2.500.000 bt
Massimo Di Bari
Cantine Torrevento, SP234 km 10, 70033 Corato (BA)

"We were the first to believe to the great potential of Nero di Troia, convinced it could be a valuable ambassador of our land, of our traditions and of our most authentic values"

Francesco Liantonio - Torrevento
The wines of Torrevento