A family of winemakers in Franciacorta, the craftsmens of the sparkling wines

The Uberti are winegrowers since 1973 in the resort Salem Erbusco Franciacorta. They arrived on the modern scene Franciacorta wine around 1980, when, at the helm of the company, took over the current owners G. Augustine Uberti and his wife Eleanor, now assisted by his daughters Silvia and Francesca. The Franciacorta at the time had not yet become the wine area that all celebrate today as one of the best producing areas of bubbles classic method and in those days the small production Uberti had approximately 9 acres of vineyard. Currently the area planted, following the acquisitions of new plots are, came to 26 hectares. Meanwhile the cellars have been expanded and renovated obtaining premises distinct for each type of processing: crushing, fermentation, storage, aging, aging, fermentation. Will the company is to produce quality wines, respecting tradition, land and environment. And 'belief that to achieve a certain product you must start from the ground and from the cultivation of vineyards: the vineyards are located in positions well exposed, with draining and stony land, not used nor herbicides or chemical fertilizers, the spacing working with power tools and hand, making a three-year fertilization with manure; treatments are distributed as few times as possible and with products capable of safeguarding and respecting the environment. From the vineyard to the cellar apply traditional techniques with use of products reduced to a minimum. The wine is made in stainless steel containers thermo, in barrels and in recent years has also included the use of conical oak vats. The Uberti are convinced that every day there is something to learn from the people around them; the goal is never reached, and to get the best of the best has never arrived.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
180.000 bt
Silvia Uberti e Cesare Ferrari
Via E. Fermi, 2 - Località Salem, Erbusco (BS)
The Franciacorta by Uberti