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Acqua Tonica 'Etna Tonic' Distilleria Belfiore (4x20cl)

Acqua Tonica 'Etna Tonic' Distilleria Belfiore (4x20cl)

Distilleria Belfiore

Etna Tonic is a sparkling and thirst-quenching tonic water, perfect to drink during the hot season or ideal for use as an ingredient for the timeless Gin & Tonic. With a lively, invigorating and very fresh sip, it is rich in delicate citrus aromas, with a pleasant balance between sweetness and amaragnola nuances




Chardonnay 40%, Tocai Friulano 40%, Malvasia 10%, Sauvignon 10%



20 cl Bottle


A few months in steel tanks and first passage barriques and many months in the bottle


The Tonic Water "Etna Tonic" by Distilleria Blefiore is a version of this classic sparkling drink with a typically Mediterranean soul, which recalls the warm and sunny atmosphere of the famous Sicilian volcano. It is a label inspired by the famous Tonic Water invented in the late '700 by Johann Jakob Schweppe, which soon became one of the most popular drinks and the most used by bartenders in the art of mixology. The classic recipe, composed of sparkling water, quinine and sugar, is enriched by the aromatic and fragrant taste of Sicilian citrus peel, which give a fresh and refreshing taste. It is an ideal tonic water to use to prepare long refreshing drinks and summer cocktails, in particular the classic Gin & Tonic.

Etna Tonic is a Tonic Water produced by a company from Catania, specialized in the creation of a series of labels with a connotation strongly linked to the Sicilian land. Distilleria Blefiore was born from the desire to showcase the territory of Etna through a range of products of great typicality, made with local raw materials. A company philosophy that wants to give value to the history and customs of the island, against a process of globalization of products, which has inevitably led to a certain standardization of taste. Etna Tonic is the classic example of this setting, which sees the volcano as the protagonist of a label with a strong personality, which puts in the foreground the fresh and fragrant aromas of Sicilian citrus.

The Tonic Water "Etna Tonic", produced by Distilleria Blefiore, expresses a perfect balance between the classic slightly bitter notes of quinine and the roundness of the aromas. It offers a lively and fragrant sip, with a clear citrus freshness, enhanced by pleasant sparkling notes. The glass is transparent and crystalline, slightly carbonated. The aroma smells of orange blossom, white flowers and citrus peel. The mouthfeel is lively and refreshing, with a soft palate and a finish that returns to slightly bitter and bitter orange notes.


Transparent with lively bubbles


Energizing, very fresh, very drinkable and delicate


Delicate and fine notes of white flowers and fresh citrus