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Cà More Trerè 2023

Cà More Trerè 2023


The Cà More from Trerè winery is a Romagna red wine made from Syrah and Sangiovese grapes. Juicy, rich and fruity, it expresses notes of cherry, blackberry, rose and violet, accompanied by slight spicy nuances. An everyday wine, great for accompanying Sunday lunch with the family




Ravenna IGT


Sangiovese, Syrah


Alcohol content

14 %


75 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


On the hills of Faenza, in the heart of Romagna, Cà More of Trerè winery is born, a captivating red wine that combines the power of Syrah with the tradition of Sangiovese. The winery, founded in the early '60s thanks to the mastery of Valeriano, father of Morena, the current owner, is located in an enchanting place, rich in traditions and treasures that Trerè is committed to preserving and enhancing through its wines. 'Cà More', a rich and juicy label, is the perfect companion for a Sunday family lunch, a touch of elegance and authenticity to be enjoyed in every sip.

With fifty years of history and an innate passion for viticulture, Trerè manages to channel the love for its own land into bottles of wine exported worldwide, like this 'Cà More'. Despite the growth and opening to the global market, the winery remains anchored to its roots, constantly committed to ensuring the highest quality. The restyling of the wine labels reflects this commitment, with new names and faces that convey strength, character, and authenticity, revealing the art hidden behind every drop of wine. Trerè's vineyards, exposed to the east and southeast and cultivated on loamy clayey soil, are cared for with dedication and skill using the spur-pruned cordon training system. This technique, combined with the vineyards' altitude at 80 meters above sea level, gives the wine a broader structure and a greater concentration of aromas and colors.

The result is a wine with a full and lively ruby color, with intense aromas of red fruit and flowers intertwining in a captivating and inviting bouquet. Accompanied by a soft and seductive taste, Cà More stands out for its complexity and elegance, with delicate tannins that provide structure and persistence on the palate. It is a feminine and fascinating wine, capable of conveying the soul and history of Trerè through its unmistakable character.


Bright ruby red


Rich and soft on the palate, fruity with mild, unobtrusive tannins


Notes of ripe red fruit, hints of rose and violet, and slight spicy undertones