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Assajé Capichera 2021
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Assajé Capichera 2021


Assajé is an intense, full-bodied red wine from Sardinia, made from Carignano, aged for 12 months in barriques. The olfactory picture is rich with black fruits, cherries in spirit, myrtle, balsamic herbs and sweet spices. The sip is warm, rich and concentrated, with remarkable structure and elegant tannic texture

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Isola dei Nuraghi IGT


Carignano 100%


Alcohol content

15 %


75 cl Bottle


12 months in barriques

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The "Assajè" red wine by Capichera is a strongly territorial wine that brings to life the beauty of Sardinian Gallura through a representative and iconic profile. Merit also goes to the production approach of the Capichera winery, careful to preserve the environment surrounding the vineyards, using neither chemical fertilisers nor herbicides. Assajè is a 100% concentrated Carignano, in which fruity and spicy aromas open to a warm and alcoholic, very enveloping sip. An important and structured Sardinian wine that is the bearer of the island's winemaking traditions.

Capichera's "Assajè" comes from the pure use of a great red grape variety typical of Sardinia, the Carignano. This variety is cultivated by the Capichera winery team in vineyards located in Sulcis and Gallura, at an altitude between 20 and 100 metres above sea level, facing east and south-east. After the meticulous harvest, and after vinification, the wine is left to rest for 12 months in French oak barriques, after which it is ready to be bottled and marketed.

The "Assajé" Capichera reveals itself to the eye with a typically ruby colour, characterised by intense reflections that take on more purplish contours in the rim. The nose reveals ethereal, vinous notes, where red fruit and spices alternate in a well-orchestrated array of aromas. On the palate, it is full-bodied, round, balanced and full, with a warm mouthfeel, marked by a savoury vein and moderate tannicity. A bottle with which the Capichera winery interprets the terroir of Gallura very well, producing a label that scores well not only nationally, but also in many foreign wine guides of reference.


Intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections


Full and warm, full-bodied and concentrated, with a final balanced tannins


Ethereal notes and vinous with hints of fruit blacks, cherry, blackberry and cocoa