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Grappa di Amarone Capovilla - 50cl

Grappa di Amarone Capovilla - 50cl


La Grappa di Amarone di Capovilla is a white grappa made from Corvina della Valpolicella pomace used for Amarone: intense, enveloping aromas of ripe red fruits and a smooth, velvety taste with great aromatic persistence

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Alcohol content

41 %


50 cl Bottle


Capovilla's Grappa di Amarone is a distillate of rare complexity and elegance, produced by the master of Italian distillers. Vittorio Capovilla nicknamed the "Capo," can be considered a legend for his ability to produce nectars with surprising balance and drinkability in spite of the sustained alcohol content. Wild fruit, pomace from Italy's best-known wine producers, tobacco, wild herbs: whatever Vittorio touches is transformed into a bottle capable of delivering profound emotions. If in the distillates produced from wild fruit, we find explosiveness and freshness, in this Amarone grappa, the declination is more serious and vinous, in any case unique.

Grappa di Amarone is produced from the pomace of Corvina, a typical grape for the production of the well-known Italian wine. The almost maniacal search of the "Capo" consists, above all, in finding a raw material of absolute excellence, so the pomace used to produce his distillates must come from completely healthy and chemically untreated grapes. Bain-marie distillation then involves a double passage in the still and a subsequent rest in four different kinds of wood, that is, locust, cherry, ash and oak, for the duration of four years.

Capovilla's Grappa di Amarone comes in a clear and transparent guise. It is surprising to note how in each of Vittorio's products, the raw material is respected and exalted, so much so that its original characteristics remain intact: plum, vinosity, and dried flowers all perceptible on olfaction, with the alcohol standing as a vehicle for these aromas. The real masterpiece, however, is in the mouth, where the distillate flows with unimaginable elegance and drinkability and continually entices one to sip, making one forget its alcohol content. Moderate use is recommended, with exciting pairings such as blue cheeses, even better if aged with the use of pomace. Absolute purity.


Clear and transparent


Soft and balanced, with a very long finish


Notes of cherry and violet, plum and raspberry, with a finish of hazelnut and strawberry