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'Le Meprise' Blanco Malaparte

'Le Meprise' Blanco Malaparte


The "Le Meprise" Blanco Malaparte is a slightly macerated, citric and savory white. The Malaparte winery cultivates seedling rootstock vines of Verdejo of over 65 years! A peculiarity made possible thanks to the high altitude at which the vineyards are located. Of great freshness, from the glass come aromas of citrus fruits that return to the palate, together with herbaceous and mineral notes. It is sharp, fresh, agile and invigorating in the mouth, while softness and warmth balance the sip 




Verdejo 100%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation, 50% in oak barrels and 50% in steel vats


6 months in oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Organic, Macerated on grape peel, Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


'Le Meprise' is a white wine expressing Castile's wild and Mediterranean soul. It is a very territorial and expressive Blanco made with a short maceration on the skin that enriches its flavour profile while retaining a very drinkable and fresh sip. One of the many dazzling bottles from Bodega Malaparte, the winery born from the dream of Mariano de Frutos in Cuellar, a Spanish municipality in the Castile and Leon region. The idea on which Mariano founded the Bodega was to be able to tell the story of the territory through wine. So he adopted a sensitive approach to the plant and the soil, abolishing all forms of synthetic chemicals in the vineyard. Even in the cellar, Mariano decided to leave everything in the hands of nature, without invasive processes such as filtrations, clarifications or massive addition of sulphites, to preserve the raw material's authenticity and purity. All this can be perceived in this white, but also the extraordinary local terroir.

Le Meprise's wine is made from pure Verdejo grapes from 65-year-old vines rooted on soils of calcareous composition. The altitude of over 900 metres allows the grapes to ripen slowly, condensing aromas and flavours. The grapes, harvested by hand, are pressed as soon as possible in the cellar. Vinification begins with brief skin contact and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts that takes place half in oak barrels and half in stainless steel. Maturation is short and takes place in the same oak barrels for about 6 months.

'Le Meprise' is coloured an intense straw yellow, streaked with radiant golden highlights. The nose pulses with Spain, with aromas of citrus fruits, aromatic herbs, plant essences, white wildflowers and a long mineral echo. The palate offers an elegant and substantial texture, with a juicy and citrusy sip, with great Mediterranean richness and persistent savoury hints. The drinkability is flowing and torrential: one bottle may not be enough!


Straw yellow with golden reflections


Fine, intensely citric and pleasing savouriness


Lemon peel and pulp, arugula, hints of white rose petals and mineral notes of chalk