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Pecorino 'Pistillo' Poderi San Lazzaro 2022
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Pecorino 'Pistillo' Poderi San Lazzaro 2022

Poderi San Lazzaro

The Pecorino "Pistillo" is a fresh, soft, pleasant and fragrant white wine from the Marche region, aged in barrique for 4 months. Delicate floral and vegetal aromas, with citrus nuances, invite to a slender and elegant sip, with good sapidity




Offida DOCG


Pecorino 100%


Alcohol content

14 %


75 cl Bottle


4 months in barrique

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Organic, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU , Codice Operatore nr. 26535


Pecorino "Pistillo" of Poderi San Lazzaro is a wine that perfectly represents the territory over which comes to life. Well established in the hills of Offida, Paolo Capriotti continues to produce its wines in biological system, as well as from family tradition. Improves the quality of its labels from year to year, like this Pecorino "Pistilo", that reached softness, roundness and richness olfactory really impressive. They are 8 hectares of vineyards in production, located on the slopes facing south and west ventilated, mainly on clay soils. All vineyards are conducted under organic method, with natural revegetation of the rows, fertilizing with manure and plowing, mechanical weed control, biological control of insects and treatments based on copper and sulfur. This allows the wines of Paul to be born already showing complexity and clarity, being able to express their personality and territoriality of the cultivated varieties. In particular, for the Pecorino "Pistillo" we can immediately notice the thickness of the aromatic and dynamism, which allow both to be ready today in the glass, do not fret that some knotted pending in the winery. The short passage in barrique enhances the aromatic expression and strengthens the perfect balance between the pleasant acidity and delicate softness. A Pecorino that never ceases to evolve and surprise.


Deep golden yellow


Elegant and warm, savory and tangy taste


Mild herbal and floral notes, hints of grapefruit and lime