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Rum 'Panama' 10 yo Transcontinental Rum Line 2011

Rum 'Panama' 10 yo Transcontinental Rum Line 2011

Transcontinental Rum Line

Rum 'Panama' 10 yo Transcontinental Rum Line is column-distilled in Panama and aged for seven years near the Panama Canal and another three years in Europe. The result is an aromatic and intense rum, in which notes of tropical fruit stand out, softened by a pleasant vanilla hint on the finish

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Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Sugar cane molasses


7 years of tropical aging in Panama, 3 years of continental aging in Europe

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Panama' Rum is one of the evocative labels of Transcontinental Rum Line, the line created by La Maison du Whisky and inspired by the historical journeys of barrels between the New World and the Old Continent. Since the origins of its production, rum has been transported to Europe for maritime, economic and technical reasons. Maritime, because they avoided drinking stagnant water during long crossings. Economic, because rum aged in a continental climate evaporates less quickly and matures more slowly. Technical, because the variety of barrels available and the undeniable know-how of the cellar masters of Cognac and Scotland allowed for unique expressions. For transparency, each bottling in the series shows the percentage of ageing in a continental climate.
Transcontinental Rum Line 'Panama' from La Maison du Whisky evocatively interprets the original spirit of Central American rum and the vintage charm that cargo ship traffic brings to mind. This Pure Single Rum is distilled in-house in Panama using a column process from fermented molasses and then aged for 7 years in the tropical climate of the landscape around the Panama Canal. The processing is purely artisanal, with no recourse to artifices such as the addition of caramel or colouring agents. It was then transported overseas and matured for a further 3 years in Europe.
La Maison du Whisky's 'Panama' 10 yo Transcontinental Rum Line shows itself in an inviting amber colour, clear and bright in appearance. The terroir of origin is well underlined by the ripe, tropical nose, evoking juicy, sugary pineapple and mango flesh, with persuasive vanilla notes on the side. The attack on the palate is warm and soft, while the sip unfolds along an aromatic balance of fine delicacy and admirable taste persistence.


Dark amber and clear


Aromatic and persistent, delicate and smooth


Tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple, vanilla sensations on the finish