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Sake Junmai Yamahai Genshu Yoshida

Sake Junmai Yamahai Genshu Yoshida

Yoshida Shuzō

Sake Junmai Yamahai Genshu Yoshida is a wonderful expression of craft sake from the Ishikawa region. Fresh and fragrant, it is perfectly balanced on the palate between sweetness and acidity, while the nose expresses delicate notes of grapefruit, pear and floral hints. To be paired with fresh and light dishes




Alcohol content

13 %


72 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Junmai Yamahai Genshu Sake from Yoshida Shuzō brand is characterized by an exceptional balance of taste, crafted according to artisanal practices within the Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa. The term "yamahai" refers to a very traditional production style that involves a different yeast starter preparation compared to most sake on the market, certainly more refined. Instead, the word "genshu" specifies that this sake has not been diluted and therefore is equivalent to the term "cask strength" when talking about whisky and other spirits. Finally, the term "junmai" indicates a sake made from rice grains polished to a degree of polishing of 70% or lower and is therefore a synonym for added quality.

Yoshida Shuzō's Junmai Yamahai Genshu Sake is elaborated from rice and water sourced from Ishikawa prefecture. The rice grains are polished to a degree of polishing of less than 70% and then soaked and steamed before adding koji, a fungus that breaks down the starches in the rice into simple sugars. At this point, a culture of yeast and lactic acid bacteria is added, produced spontaneously in the Sakagura, according to the traditional Yamahai method. Once fermentation is complete, the mass is pressed, and then the solid part is separated from the liquid part, which will later be bottled without any dilution.

Yoshida Shuzō's Junmai Genshu Yamahai Sake has a very clear, almost crystalline yellow appearance. On the nose, there are citrusy hints of lemon and grapefruit, accompanied by delicate notes of pear and flowers. The taste is fresh and lively, well-balanced between the soft body and freshness, with a clean and excellent persistent finish.


Very light yellow, almost crystal clear


Fresh and balanced, well balanced between sweetness and acidity


Notes of lemon and grapefruit accompanied by delicate hints of pear and flowers