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Two friends and the dream of quality artisanal winemaking, between oil, honey and native vines
Region Sicilia (Italia)
Foundation Year 2015
Vineyard hectares 31
Annual production 25.000 bt
Address Elios, Viale Europa - 91011 Alcamo (TP)

The Elios Best of Sicily winery is a young Sicilian producer located in the beautiful countryside between the towns of Alcamo and Camporeale. It was born out of the agricultural passion of two friends, Guido Grillo and Nicola Adamo. This passion was inspired by their parents, who fell in love with the land and have been interested in sustainable and avant-garde farming methods for years. The decision to start their own agriculture came in 2015, when the two friends decided to take over the reins of their family's olive and grape production business, transforming the products - oil, honey and wine - on site and selling them directly, thus closing the production chain.

The Elios winery carefully processes its grapes using the expertise of enologist Guido Grillo, who favours procedures without invasive interventions and synthetic chemicals. The idea of producing wine stems from a deep respect for nature and its taste should not be standardised to man but rather adapted to its land of origin. Based on this principle, the two friends have combined their knowledge to extend this production philosophy to the extraction of extra virgin olive oil and honey, dividing their tasks between these two agricultural sectors.

The vineyards of Elios, which are scattered across the countryside on the border between the provinces of Palermo and Trapani, produce only indigenous varieties such as Grillo, Nero D'Avola, Catarratto and Zibibbo in different versions, representing both tradition and innovation. The "Modus Bibendi" range faithfully represents the characteristics of an area that is often forgotten in terms of typicality. Through its three shades (white, red and orange wine), it reveals all the potential that artisanal and sustainable agriculture can express in this splendid Sicilian land, which for centuries has been perfectly suited to quality wine production.

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