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Flor de Cana

A flower at the foot of San Cristobal volcano
Region Chinandega (Nicaragua)
Foundation Year 1890
Address Flor de Cana, Centro Pellas, octavo piso - Managua 14034, Nicaragua

Flor de Caña is a historic rum distillery, estimated international and symbol of a long and valuable tradition of craftsmanship, which have been handed down over the centuries. Today, the distillery is guided by the fifth generation of Pellas family, with Genoese origin and head of the prestigious Licorera Compañia de Nicaragua. Located in Central America, in Nicaragua, in Chichigalpa at the San Antonio Sugar Mill, it is a landmark of rum production since 1890. The sugar cane and molasses, with their natural purity, are the central element of the company, as the name immediately suggests its importance: in fact, Flor de Caña means “Flower of sugarcane”, native raw materials of the area and collected by the inhabitants of nearby villages. Since 2000, the distillery has been awarded more than 100 awards worldwide, excelling on all manufacturers of rum: the variety and value of rum are manifested in the elegance of the design of the bottles, whose label depicts a fascinating panorama dominated from the San Cristobal volcano, which dominates Nicaragua. The choices related to Flor de Caña production are perfect expression of its philosophy. In fact, the rum enjoys a slow and monitored aging, which comes at a subtlety of flavors and aromas thank to master distillers skills and artisan discoveries that have been handed down. To reach the equilibrium and the uniqueness that characterize these rums the modernity of the latest available technologies have been combined with the ancient crafts heritage, which is linked to purely natural ingredients and knowledge of the effects of time on spirits: rum is distilled five times and after a long wait, in which aging takes place in American white oak barrels, you can enjoy the high quality of Flor de Caña rums, tied to the ancient teachings of the distillery.