Cantine San Marzano

Winemakers with roots in their territory: the great reality of Apulian wine

Cantine San Marzano is one of the most important wineries on the Apulian wine scene, which in recent decades has contributed significantly to its rebirth and enhancement. It was founded in 1962 by 19 winemakers who joined forces to face the challenge of a wine industry that was beginning to acquire an important role in the agricultural and economic scenario of the region. Today the cooperative has over 1200 members and a vineyard estate of around 1500 hectares, cultivated in the hinterland of Taranto, in the heart of the wonderful Salento region.

San Marzano has its origins in two values: respect and modernity. Respect for a tradition that has ancient roots and lives again today in the eyes, in the hands and in the work of the winegrowers who are part of it. Modernity for that widespread and user-friendly idea of wine, always open to new languages and different worlds, which is linked to a clear stylistic code, made up of elegance and cleanliness in tasting. The decision to focus above all on enhancing the value of old tree-trained vines (also know as alberello), in particular Primitivo and Negroamaro, fits perfectly into this perspective. This is without forgetting minor varieties such as Malvasia Nera del Salento, Verdeca or international grapes that have settled in very well in Apulia, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. The suitable soils and the Mediterranean climate, sunny and very breezy, thanks to the sea that surrounds the Apulian peninsula, create the ideal conditions for the perfect ripening of grapes with particularly rich and intense aromatic qualities.

The vineyard is the real centre of the project, so much so that all San Marzano wines are made from grapes of excellent quality, which in the modern winery are vinified with extreme care, in order to preserve the best varietal characteristics and to always bring out the authentic flavour of the sunny and generous Apulian land. The range of wines is very wide and divided into different collections. The possibility of being able to rely on a vast number of plots, also allows the selection of the best vineyards, with the oldest vines, to produce labels of particular prestige, which for years have been part of the restricted circle of the best wines of the region. Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria is the most representative label of San Marzano's way of thinking and working: a red wine that has completely changed the perception of Apulian wines on international markets. It was born thanks to the intuition of President Cavallo, who was determined to create a wine capable of enhancing the original authenticity of Primitivo in a new and modern way, thus transforming it into a reference point of the type on an international level.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
10.000.000 bt
Caterina Bellanova, Davide Ragusa
Cantine San Marzano, Via Monsignor Bello, 9 - 74020 San Marzano di San Giuseppe (TA)
The wines of Cantine San Marzano