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The great signature of Prosecco and sparkling wines from Valdobbiadene
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1926
Vineyard hectares 160
Annual production 1.600.000 bt
Address Foro Boario, 20 - 31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)
Oenologist Gino Cini

Valdo is a leading name in Italian sparkling wine production, a great winery in Valdobbiadene with its roots firmly in the territory and active since 1926. Its history is identified with that of the Bolla family, which acquired the sparkling wine house in the 1930s and brought it success in the post-war period. The ambition of Sergio Bolla, father of the current owner Pierluigi, was to make his sparkling wines known throughout the world, contributing to the worldwide success of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene. After decades of hard work and brilliant entrepreneurial intuition, this goal was largely achieved and the Bolla family is now a major player in Italian bubbly.

The Valdo Spumanti signature is a guarantee of quality for many consumers around the world, who are fond of a production that is as numerous and articulate as it is identifiable and well characterised. The vast production is declined in many lively, pleasant and balanced expressions, capable of enlivening the most diverse occasions. Technology, passion and innovation are the driving forces behind a production that was born in the centre of the town of Valdobbiadene, a landmark in the area for over 90 years. Tradition is integrated here with modernity, represented by the cutting-edge technology with which the winery is equipped and by a highly skilled professional team.

Ihe Prosecco and all Sparkling wines Valdo are the symbol of a great entrepreneurial story that has helped to spread Italian excellence throughout the world. An excellence achieved through decades of intuition, sacrifice and hard work. Rigorous agronomic projects in the vineyard, major investments in the cellar and a well-defined business strategy have consolidated the name of Valdo and the Bolla family in recent years, making it synonymous with Italian lifestyle, vivacity and festivity. Its success is confirmed by an ever-increasing number of consumers and by the recognition of critics and the most important Italian and foreign guides.

Sparkling Wines by Valdo winery
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