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Bas Armagnac Noir Chateau de Castex d'Armagnac 2000

Bas Armagnac Noir Chateau de Castex d'Armagnac 2000

Château de Castex d'Armagnac

Chateau de Castex's Bas Armagnac Noir is born in a unique setting where the clay soil is particularly suited, the climate is humid, aging takes place in special dark oak barrels (noir) and the Chateau's know-how result in unique and important bottles. Dark amber in color, it has a complex and very intense profile, with aromas of dried fruit, sweet spices, hints of toasted wood and caramel




Alcohol content

44 %


70 cl Bottle


At least 3-4 years in oak barrels and several years in spent wood barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Bas Armagnac Noir Chateau de Castex d'Armagnac is a high-end vintage that expresses all the charm and savoir-faire of an important producer in the area. Armagnac is the oldest French brandy and sums up the history of the region: viticulture introduced by the Romans, barrel-making by the Celts and the use of the still of Arab origin. More than 700 years of experience give the pleasure of an unforgettable tasting for complexity, aromatic intensity, smoothness and persistence. The long aging in noble woods enriches the distillate with a multifaceted palette of tertiary notes, which enhance its taste. A bottle for connoisseurs, to be drunk among great enthusiasts.
Bas Armagnac Noir is produced by Chateau de Castex d'Armagnac, located near the village of Monguilhem. Its history begins at the beginning of the 17th century and even today it is recognized as one of the landmarks of the area, for its production of absolute excellence. The estate grows vineyards of Ugni blanc, Baco and Colombard, the classic varieties of the region, on soils of a predominantly clayey nature. The base wines are then distilled according to tradition in 19th-century stills fired by continuous fire. The result is a 52-55% vol. spirit, which is aged for 2 years in new 420-liter oak barrels and then continues aging in previously used barrels to develop a rich and refined palette of tertiary aromas.
Bas Armagnac Noir, produced by Chateau de Castex d'Armagnac, highlights the allure of this extraordinary French distillate, which captivates with the finesse of its aromas and its enveloping sip. It presents a bright amber color with brilliant golden highlights. The olfactory picture is very intense and of rare elegance, with aromas ranging from dried fruits, almonds, roasted hazelnuts, to spicy sensations, softness of dehydrated fruit and chestnut honey, to delicately woody nuances. The palate is suave and ample, with remarkable richness and aromatic depth, stretching harmoniously toward a long and very persistent finish.


Black Amber


Intense, complex, soft and very long persistent


Sweet spices, dried fruits, oak wood and sweet memories of honey