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Buttafuoco 'Solinghino' Picchioni 2022
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Buttafuoco 'Solinghino' Picchioni 2022

Picchioni Andrea

The Buttafuoco "Solinghino" comes from the selection of three varieties from Oltrepò Pavese, vinified and aged in steel. The aromas are young, fresh and reminiscent of the primary flavors of grapes. The taste is mouthwatering, light and direct, with a calm and elegant tannicity and a lively and persistent freshness




Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC


Croatina 60%, Barbera 25%, Vespolina 15%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


In steel for a few months

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites



Buttafuoco "Solinghino" from the Picchioni winery is the excellent result of a blend of historic Otrepò Pavese grape varieties and a clear, environmentally friendly production philosophy, where the conversion to organic farming testifies to this. A wine with an extrouslively and never banal character that best describes what are the hills where Croatina, Barbera and Vespolina have their roots and get the best out of a loose soil tending to pebbly. The label partly anticipates what we are going to find inside the bottle, where the absolute protagonists will be floral scents with a light character but acute courtesy.

Picchioni's "Solinghino" is thus a Buttafuoco that comes from vineyards located in a hilly setting with prohibitive south-facing slopes so that it can take advantage of the endless days of sunshine and absorb the energy needed to bring the juicy clusters to proper ripeness. Strictly manual harvest begins only when the fruit is fully polyphenolically ripe, which is transferred to the cellar to then proceed to fermentation. The must is kept in contact with the skins for about 8 days and then racked into steel tanks to rest for 6 months.

The "Solinghino" Buttafuoco Picchioni colours the glass with an intense ruby red with purplish highlights. Taken to the nose, one is hit by a wave of floral and red fruit aromas that only serve as a forerunner to the sweet, delicate notes of blackberry and black cherry. The sip is delicate and of a delicate softness, the tannin, in fact, is slight and timid but nonetheless supportive of a persistence that makes the drinkability of this wine magnetic. Sweet and joyful, this Buttafuoco is indeed an excellent sidekick for dinner with friends, a companion that doesn't hold back and can be fully enjoyed when paired with medium-structured dishes.


Intense ruby ​​red with violet hues


Soft and fresh, with a good roundness and persistence


Fruity and floral, with hints of dried rose leaves the field then notes of cherries and blackberries