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Grappa 'Storica Nera' Domenis 1898 - 50cl

Grappa 'Storica Nera' Domenis 1898 - 50cl

Domenis 1898

The Grappa Storica Nera di Domenis is made from Friulian Merlot, Cabernet and Refosco pomace. It is a traditional grappa that has made Friuli's history thanks to its fragrant, floral bouquet and elegant, refined taste

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Alcohol content

50 %


50 cl Bottle


12 mesi in steel tanks



Domenis' "Storica Nera" Grappa is a distillate of the finest pomace withdrawn fresh from suppliers specially selected for their ability to work with raw materials grown according to organic viticulture methods. "Storica Nera" is made from the pomace, exclusively from Friuli, of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Refosco grapes that give this grappa great smoothness and pleasantness of drink and aroma. The pomace, which, once it has been conferred, is also ensiled for several months in silos that are strictly sheltered from the air, is then distilled with great skill by Domenis' technicians. The production process takes place using a plant consisting of eight stills made entirely of copper that work at low pressure through the discontinuous distillation method using direct steam. This technique, gradually perfected by the company until it became its own trademark, led to the production of a "raw" grappa with a high alcohol content. Subsequently, through careful and measured dilution with water and several cold filtrations, the "Storica" is able to take shape, reaching the desired alcohol content and preserving its characteristic aromatic component. The Domenis Distillery, located in Cividale del Friuli in that picturesque and wonderful landscape of the Colli Orientali area, was founded in 1868 by Pietro Domenis and since then has kept alive wisdom, the legacy of a tradition carefully passed down within the company, carried on today by Silvano and Pietro Domenis through continuous innovation.

Domenis Distillery's "Storica Nera" is an unbarrelled grappa that is crystal clear to the eye. The nose is very fine and elegant, characterized by a rich bouquet of floral and fruity notes. In the mouth, it is soft, round and fresh, harmonious on the aftertaste and with long persistence. This label from Domenis is a distillate of unquestionable excellence, a perfect combination of alcohol content and an array of aromas.


Crystal clear


Rich, fine, smooth, round and balanced


Balanced bouquet with floral notes