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Authentic interpreters of the Roero territory
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Vineyard hectares 4
Address Bajaj, Via del Forno, 4 - 12040 Monteu, Roero (CN)

The Moretti family, owners of the Bajaj winery, have always set themselves the goal of transmitting through their wines the essence of Roero, a territory they cultivate with love and passion. In order to succeed in expressing the character of the area, without filters or alterations, the estate embraces the so-called "subtractive" philosophy, which consists in excluding all those agronomic and oenological practices that are not necessary for the making of a great wine, but rather homologating. Today the management is in the hands of young Adriano Moretti, supported by his father Giovanni and uncle Elio. Alongside viticulture, the estate is dedicated to the production of jams, compotes, juices and fruit drinks, as well as the cultivation of hazelnuts and vegetables.
The approximately 4 hectares of vineyards raised by the Bajaj winery enjoy favorable locations and a certain age, with ages ranging from 20 to as many as 90 years. The varieties grown include the local Nebbiolo, Barbera, Arneis and Favorita, spread over three different plots: Gaiuccio, Bric Nota and San Vincenzo. Gaiuccio is the largest parcel on the estate, where the soils consist of white sand rich in limestone. Within the Additional Geographical Mention of Bric Nota are the oldest vines, which benefit from the considerable slopes, friable nature of the soil and high planting density, ideal prerequisites for obtaining great red wines. Finally, the San Vincenzo plot contains one of the best Arneis vines, consisting of old vines and difficult-to-work soil. The approach adopted by the estate is sustainable, "without excess and without extremism," based on the principles of guided winemaking and the so-called "subtractive" philosophy, which includes the exclusion of filtrations, the use of clarifications of only natural origin, no use of invasive additives and exclusively spontaneous fermentations.
Thus originate Bajaj's white, rosé and red wines, characterized by fine typicity and genuineness. The name of this Monteu Roero production entity comes from the dialect term "bajé," which means "yawning," "dozing." This was the nickname of Giovanni's maternal family, quiet people who worked hard.