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Winemaker, farmer, artist: a milestone in the Carso, a protagonist of Friulan native vines
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italia)
Foundation Year 1980
Vineyard hectares 18
Annual production 70.000 bt
Address Località Prepotto, 1/A - 34011 Duino Aurisina (TS)
Oenologist Eddy Kante

Edi Kante is one of the largest producers in the Trieste Karst. His winery is located in the hamlet of Prepotto di Duino Aurisina, in an area where viticulture is particularly difficult and strenuous. Among the first to bottle Karst wines and to believe in the potential of this area, Edi Kante has always cultivated the historical varieties of the area, Vitovska, Malvasia and Teran, but he has also been able to enhance the international grape varieties Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, which have adapted very well to the particular and extreme soil and climatic conditions of the area. At the beginning of his activity, it was precisely the best-known international varieties that allowed him to survive and to continue to focus on native grapes as well, which only about twenty years ago carved out the attention of enthusiasts.
The Karst area is characterized by soils composed of white limestone rocks. Creating a vineyard is long, tiring and expensive work. It is necessary to split and grind stone then mix it with red soil rich in iron minerals from dolines, natural depressions where organic material is deposited. Once a layer of soil mixed with crushed rock is created, the rootlets are planted, and they are forced to push their roots deep into the cracks in the stone to find water and nutrients. The climate is Mediterranean, mild and sunny, but with cool continental influences, thanks to the Bora, which often blows violently from the northeast. An environment in which it is not easy for vines to survive, but they naturally produce few grapes of exceptional quality.
Edi Kante's journey in the world of wine has gone through different stages: from experiments with maceration on the skins, to the use of barriques, and then to classic white vinification, aimed at obtaining wines that are floral, fruity and endowed with remarkable sapidity and freshness, stylistic figures of the territory. Over the years his wines have become increasingly stripped of structure, thanks to very soft pressings and increasingly delicate vinifications. A philosophy that seeks essentiality, absolute purity, to enhance the terroir to the maximum and use in vine as a means to bring out the authentic soul of the Karst stone.

"Edi Kante e il Carso: forse due sinonimi. Vignaiolo, contadino, artista, uno dei primi produttori che ha fermamente creduto nella valorizzazione di questo terroir pazzesco e dei suoi vitigni autoctoni"

Guida Slowine 2016
Kante's wines
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