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Pojer e Sandri

Ideas, innovations and state-of-the-art technologies: the artists of wine in Trentino
Region Trentino (Italia)
Foundation Year 1975
Vineyard hectares 33
Annual production 250.000 bt
Address Aziena Agricola Pojer e Sandri, Via Molini, 4 - 38010 Faedo (TN)
Oenologist Mario Pojer

Pojer e Sandri represents a highly successful artisanal reality in Trentino, born fortuitously in the year 1975 thanks to the meeting of two surprising figures in creative winemaking: Fiorentino Sandri, who had just inherited a couple of hectares of vine-growing land, and Mario Pojer, who had just graduated from the prestigious school of oenology in San Michele all'Adige. The few resources available were well compensated by a large dose of courage and the will to make a dream come true: the first wine made, Palai Müller Thurgau 1975, was an immediate success and propelled the two young men to the forefront of quality Trentino wineries. Pioneers of a heroic viticulture, they immediately bet on the potential of a territory that, according to many, did not have what it takes to challenge the vineyards with the most reputed vocation: but the obstinacy with which they invested their time in visits to wineries and vineyards in all wine-growing regions, yielded them the experience of technical solutions or ideas for new products, which they then knew how to reinterpret and optimize in a thoroughly local key.

Today Pojer and Sandri's properties extend over about 30 hectares, spread over the areas of six different municipalities, but all of them invested by the Ora del Garda, the salubrious breeze that blows from the lake to the northernmost valleys and keeps the vineyards dry. There are two main areas in which the vineyards are located: the Val di Cembra of volcanic origin, characterized by the rich presence of porphyry, whose right slope faces the valley of the Avisio stream and shows the lines of the dry stone walls that contain the soils along vertiginous slopes; and the sedimentary and calcareous terroir of Faedo and San Michele, a cone formed by the alluvial action of the Adige and together by landslides from the interglacial period. The most extreme point is Maso Rella, in Grumes: squeezed between the end of the Cembra Valley and the Adige Valley above, it sits in the middle of the mountains, at 850 meters above sea level, surrounded by a 50-hectare forest. The varieties grown are innumerable: from the classic Nosiola and Traminer, Müller Thurgau and Incrocio Manzoni, Pinot Noir and the more northern Riesling, to grapes on which the winery initially took a risk such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, and finally to resistant varieties such as Zweigelt and Franconia.

Pojer and Sandri's winery is a hotbed of experimentation in constant motion. The wide range of territories with different vocations allows the creation of a wide range of labels, made highly recognizable by graphics taken from Albrecht Dürer's engravings and watercolors.

"Visitare Pojer e Sandri significa entrare in una "wunderkammer" in cui a ogni angolo, e a ogni racconto, si scoprono ingegnosi strumenti di vinificazione, meraviglie della fermentazione e prodotti estrosi e inediti "

Guida Slowine 2023
Pojer e Sandri's wines
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