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Sake Junmai Red Label Harukasumi

Sake Junmai Red Label Harukasumi

Kuribayashi Brewing & Co.

The Sake Junmai Red Label Harukasumi from Kuribayashi Brewing & Co. is an elegant and balanced sake produced in Rokugo, northern Japan. It is dry on the palate, with a direct and assertive character and characterized by a hint of bitterness on the finish, while the nose delivers rich floral aromas. An ideal sake as a pairing with all kinds of dishes




Alcohol content

16 %


72 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Kuribayashi Brewing & Co.'s Harukasumi Junmai Red Label Sake is a work of taste art born in the lands of northern Japan, specifically in Rokugo. This Nihonshu (Japanese term for sake) embodies elegance and balance, with a dry, assertive character that stands out from the first sip. Junmai Red Label, marked precisely by a red label, evokes a sense of prestige and refinement, anticipating an extraordinary sensory experience. This Sakagura (in Japanese, the cellar where the sake is brewed), founded back in 1874, embodies the quintessence of Japanese wine-making tradition. The owner, Kuribayashi San, is a true guardian of tradition who has dedicated his life to the appreciation of rice and sake culture;

Kuribayashi Brewing & Co.'s flagship Sake Junmai Red Label Harukasumi is the result of centuries of experience and dedication. Located in a region rich in history and legends, this Sakagura is surrounded by streams of the purest water, a characteristic that has been appreciated since samurai times. Using high-quality Misatonishiki rice and artisanal production techniques handed down from generation to generation, Red Label is an authentic expression of the land and its people.

Sake Junmai Red Label Harukasumi from Kuribayashi Brewing & Co. is a symphony of flavours and aromas that dance delicately on the palate. On the nose, enveloping floral notes open up, while the sip is distinguished by its dry and bold character. The slightly bitter finish adds a touch of complexity and depth to the tasting. This Nihonshu lends itself to a wide range of food pairings, from grilled fish to ramen and even mature cheese. Each sip is a sensory journey without boundaries, an experience that embraces tradition and innovation in one harmonious taste orchestra.


Very light straw yellow


Dry, direct, slightly bitter at the end


Rich aromas of flowers and ripe fruit