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Sake Junmai Iwai Takeno 2019

Sake Junmai Iwai Takeno 2019

Maison Takeno

Maison Takeno's Junmai Iwai Sake is a dry, intense Sake produced in Kyoto Prefecture. Made from Iwai rice, water and koji, it has a strong and balanced character, and gives an enveloping, rich and persistent sip. Serve chilled, in a wine glass, to allow it to open up and release its warm floral aromas

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Alcohol content

14.2 %


70 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Junmai Sake 'Iwai Kurabu' from the Japanese producer Takeno is a powerful and rather dry label produced in the prefecture of Kyoto. The Japanese term "junmai" literally translates to "pure rice," and this indication refers to the fact that the alcohol present in sake is exclusively derived from rice fermentation. Junmai sake is among the most prized, and although the rice polishing ratio is not regulated, these sake are produced with rice polished to around 70%, a very high percentage. In this case, this sake has a polishing ratio of 74%.

Maison Takeno Junmai Sake 'Iwai Kurabu' is made from Iwai rice harvested in local rice fields and polished to 74%. As usual for the production of sake, after cleaning, the grains are soaked in water and then subjected to a brief steam cooking. At this point, Aspergillus oryzae, a filamentous fungus necessary for the saccharification process, or the conversion of starches into simple sugars, is inoculated into the preparation. Alcoholic fermentation is instead performed by yeasts and begins while the saccharification phase is still ongoing. All processing takes place at controlled temperature and humidity values, and after a few months of maturation, the sake is finally ready for commercialization.

Upon visual examination, the 'Iwai Kurabu' Junmai sake appears crystal clear with subtle straw-colored reflections. The nose perceives intense aromas of flowers and ripe fruit, combined with hints of anise. The taste is dry and powerful, warm and rich, with a dense and pleasantly fruity finish. The same producer recommends serving this sake at a temperature of 8-11 °C in wine glasses.


Crystal clear, with faint straw highlights


Dry, rich and intense, pleasantly fruity


Intense aromas of flowers and ripe fruit