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Tequila Anejo Herradura

Tequila Anejo Herradura


The Tequila Anejo of the historic Mexican Herradura distillery owes its intense aromatic complexity to the aging of 24 months in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. The aromas recall the agave, the dried fruit and the toasted wood. The sip is soft, expressive and enveloping, with aromas of fruit and sweet spices




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Agave 100%


2 years in oak barrels


The Tequila Anejo by Herradura is produced in Mexico since 1962. Herradura was founded in 1861 by Feliciano Romo to Amatitán and is a town located about 10 km from the town of Tequila in the state of Jalisco. Legend has it that Feliciano Romo, he tried the ideal place to build the distillery, he saw a shiny object on the ground. He was a horseshoe and then an object luck, so he decided that this would be the ideal of his activities. San Jose del Refugio, this is the name given to '"hacienda" still center of the production of tequila. Herradura has all the plantations of agave from which is produced the entire line of their tequila, derived exclusively from 100% agave. Distilled exclusively from blue agave, appears amber with hints of gold and has a velvety texture agave balanced tones of cinnamon and fruity notes. Her sweet scent evokes the ovens in which the Blue Weber Agave is cooked and the flavor complex is very close to the nuts. Her Aged in bourbon barrels from Kentucky for twenty-four months. To be combined with smoked a cigar.


Deep amber


Elegant, soft, intriguing, seductive, with a beautiful persistence


Intense notes of agave, dried fruit, pepper, vanilla and toasted wood