Emotion, experience and passion: the great wines created by Banfi

Banfi is a winery whose roots lie in the soul of two Italian-American brothers, John and Harry Mariani. The winery was established in Montalcino in 1978, with the desire to create a modern estate where quality, quantity and tradition could coexist. Alongside the two brothers, at the beginning of the Banfi wines journey, we find Ezio Rivella, a prominent enologist on the Italian scene, who immediately understood the great potential of the project carried out by John and Harry. Two brothers who really loved wine, so much so that 1979 they decided to expand their boundaries, buying the Bruzzone winery in Piedmont. Today, it is run by cousins James and Cristina, the third generation of the Mariani family, who produce 10 million bottles a year.

The Castello Banfi estate is a genuine empire that extends over almost three thousand hectares in Tuscany, a third of which is devoted to viticulture. In addition to the fine terroir of Montalcino, the vineyards extend to interesting areas of the Maremma and Chianti Classico. A true puzzle of different soils, each with its own specific conformations. What unites the work in each of the vineyards is the desire to have a sustainable production chain. This is why, for example, lighter bottles are used, which have less impact on the amount of recycled glass to be used and save energy at every stage of transport. Similarly, a great deal of attention is paid to micro-irrigation, which saves a considerable amount of water. We are talking about sustainability, but not only. Research also has its importance for this production reality, which after years of studies on the clonal selection of Sangiovese and on the zoning of each single vineyard, has dedicated its efforts to the creation of vats dedicated to fermentation composed of steel and wood, to obtain the best from both materials. A real innovation in the world of enology, which takes the name of "Horizon", and which allows the different grape varieties to express themselves to their full potential.

Every year, the Banfi winery produces a wide range of products, from Maremma to Chianti Classico, to Montalcino, and then on to Piedmont. A collection of choices that combine the tradition of different territories with the experience of the winery, creating prestigious bottles that are always in line with the times. To treat yourself to an evening of quality, you can venture into that terroir from which everything originated, Montalcino: Brunello Riserva "Poggio all'Oro" will take you into a dimension that is nothing short of dreamlike.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
10.000.000 bt
Rudy Buratti
Castello di Poggio alle Mura - 53024 Montalcino (SI)

"We work with our hands, we think with our hearts'.

- Banfi

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