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Bosco del Merlo

Wines that express love for their territory and tradition
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1977
Vineyard hectares 100
Annual production 240.000 bt
Address Bosco del Merlo, Via Postumia, 14 - 30020 Annone Veneto (VE)
Oenologist Leonardo Valenti e Stefano Saderi

Bosco del Merlo is a winery that belongs to the Paladin Group, one of the most important on the Italian wine scene. The estate is located in Annone Veneto, in the border area between Eastern Veneto and Western Friuli. It takes its name from an ancient toponym found on maps of the area and recalls the presence of extensive areas of forest in this area. The deep bond with the land is part of the winery's philosophy, which has always been oriented towards respect for the environment and local customs. The love for nature and the passion for wine have merged into a project capable of expressing a range of labels of good quality, capable of enhancing the particularities of an area with a strong vocation for viticulture.

Bosco del Merlo was created in 1977 by Valentino Paladin, who realised his desire to produce wines in a sustainable manner and in line with the characteristics of the terroir. To achieve these results, the winery collaborated with the Faculty of Oenology and the Faculty of Agriculture of the Universities of Padua and Milan, who contributed valuable information on how to achieve high quality while respecting the environment. The territory presents unique characteristics. The area at the foot of the Carnic Alps is of alluvial origin. It was created by the deposits of the Tagliamento, Medurna and Cellina rivers, which formed the Friuli Grave plain. The vineyards are located near Sequals and are rooted in soils of calcareous pebbles, called claps in the local dialect. A poor and very draining soil, which accumulates heat during the day and then returns it during the night.

The soils of the Eastern Veneto area, on the other hand, are characterised by the presence of Caranto, composed of limestone-clay deposits of fluvial and morainic origin. Each vine is planted on the most suitable soils so that it can express itself at its best. The vines are managed with respect for the environment, using only organic fertilisation and green manure. Treatments are carried out according to the principles of integrated pest management, so as to minimise the impact of treatments, including the use of sexual confusion techniques. The same attention is paid to the winery and to all the company's activities thanks to the SQNPI- Sistema Qualità Nazionale di Produzione Integrata (National Quality System of Integrated Production) certification.

Bosco del Merlo's wines
89 -@@-9-James Suckling
4 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
88 -@@-5-Veronelli
4 -@@-3-Bibenda
89 -@@-9-James Suckling
4 -@@-3-Bibenda
3 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
88 -@@-5-Veronelli
4 -@@-3-Bibenda
92 -@@-9-James Suckling
89 -@@-9-James Suckling
11,30 € 10,20 
96 -@@-11-Luca Maroni
2 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
90 -@@-5-Veronelli
4 -@@-3-Bibenda
89 -@@-9-James Suckling
90 -@@-9-James Suckling
95 -@@-11-Luca Maroni