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The liveliness and authenticity of the Emilian hills expressed by Crocizia
Region Emilia Romagna (Italia)
Vineyard hectares 3
Annual production 9.000 bt
Address Strada per Crocizia, 7 - 43010 Pastorello di Langhirano (PR)
Oenologist Marco Rizzardi

The Crocizia winery is located in the Emilian hills at an altitude of 500 metres, not far from the city of Parma, right at the point where the hills become mountains. It is a small, 5-hectare estate, of which only 3 hectares are planted with vines, that embraces a rural paradise of woods, fields and nature. It is managed by Marco Rizzardi who, together with Sara and Aurelio, in the early 2000s decided to renovate an old farm, just a short distance from the town of Langhirano, and plant traditional Emilian grape varieties. Marco's philosophy is to enhance and protect the environment, allowing the grapes to ripen in a healthy and authentic way. This is how he creates lively and genuine wines, which are usually spontaneously refermented in the bottle, and which reflect the most authentic soul of this area.

In a natural amphitheatre that is surrounded by woodland, made fertile by the Parma torrent and cooled by the mountain air, the grapes grow and ripen to perfection. The cultivated varieties range from the indigenous, such as Malvasia di Candia, Barbera and Lambrusco, to the more international, such as Pinot Noir, although they all belong to the great winemaking history of the Parma hills. The vines are cared for with great sensitivity, respect and love, with the aim of strengthening the strong bond between the land and the plant. The soil, which for 50 years has been left free to grow without human intervention, has accumulated a high quantity of organic matter, fossils, marl and sediment. In order to preserve its integrity, Marco adopts an organic approach and prohibits the use of any chemical products, tolerating only a moderate use of copper and sulphur. In the cellar, the approach is as natural as possible, with no filtration, stabilisers, clarifiers or enzymes, but rather indigenous yeasts and spontaneous refermentation in the bottle. Indeed, in most cases, potential wines are bottled with a slight residual sugar, which, during the spring season, as temperatures rise, allows the bubbles to develop. This results in genuine and straightforward wines that are true reflections of nature.

The wines of Crocizia are characterised by their liveliness and feature a juicy, joyful and direct profile, with a rich and tasty foam. Their strength is their freshness, vivacious and mouth-watering, which encourages a very smooth and compulsive drinking experience. The authentic, artisanal side is evident in every label, without being extreme or overdone, and this further enhances the quality of the wines. Their quality/price ratio is truly advantageous, to the extent that they are even considered as everyday wines. All in all, Crocizia is certainly one of the most representative names of the Emilian hills and its products are a tribute to liveliness and freshness. Deliciously irresistible and exquisitely enjoyable!

The wines of Crocizia
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